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i recently started getting newsletters from Orion magazine. i am almost sure i didn’t sign up for them, but if this *is* spam, it’s the best spam i’ve ever gotten. this issue featured a most wonderful article, When Compassion Becomes Dissent. it’s long, but if you have a few minutes, i do believe it would do your heart good to read it. not convinced? here’s a teaser, in which the writer talks about two recent federal documents: the “2002 National Security Strategy for the United States” and the 107th Congress’s “Patriot Act.”

Had I been invited to proofread these puffed-up rhetorical works with the same critical eye I am paid to apply to student rough drafts, I’d have been forced to tell their authors that they had composed two half-truth-telling, hypocrisy-laden pieces of sociopathic cant and that they should throw them away and start over. Both works redefine Earth as a heavenly body whose countries and cultures the Bush administration and Congress were appointed to judge and police. Both are based on the belief that opposing Bush rhetoric is traitorous, that spying on neighbors and friends is patriotic, that fighting for our personal freedom “obstructs enhanced surveillance procedures,” that manufacturing and exporting weapons of destruction are our greatest protection against weapons of destruction, that terrorizing the citizens of other nations is the greatest safeguard against terrorist acts against our own nation, that biological health, a sustainable natural economy, and the conservation of ecosystems are beneath consideration in this time of red-white-and-blue crisis, and that a daily life of compassion and self-examination is the na�ve position of sentimentalists and weaklings.

i know not everyone who comes here shares my liberal, anti-war views, but it couldn’t hurt to take some time and read this. it probably won’t change your mind, but it might give you a slightly different perspective.

i express my sociopolitical views here without any expectation it’s going to change the world, and i respect those who hold differing views. and to those people, i say, yes, i read the opinions in support of war, and in return i hope you read some which do not support it. fair?

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  1. I suspect that MoveOn has allowed the Orion publisher access to its mailing list, because I get it too. I suddenly began getting something called Tech Central Station, too, which is a vehicle for the Perles of the world to give their point of view. Weird.

  2. Ok, I’ve been getting that spam too but I never visited the link because I was sure that these were the same “I Believe in Alien Infiltration Of Our Govt” people. As in extra terestrials. So I was sure it was more flakeorama type spam.

    I don’t know if I can bring myself to read it – though I will take it a bit more seriously and may even try it now that others are assuring me it’s not about terrorism beyond the stars.

    But it’s still spam and they send it to me with images and hooha which take my dialup some time to load. *grumble* And these days I’m afraid to click anything that says “click here if you want to get off our mailing list” because I fear what my happen.

    Spam Paranoia.
    It’s not a pretty thing.

  3. I get it too. Started about 3 months ago. Right around the time I was writing letters to senators and posting them online.


    Perhaps the government aren’t the only people watching…

    I always feel like…somebody’s watching me

  4. I’ve been getting stuff from these people for a while, but I haven’t blocked them because it’s often interesting. I haven’t had a chance to figure out where it came from though.

    Grading papers. Losing mind. Thank you for being a good writer, KD. I just popped in here for an antidote from poorly written papers.

    Grammar. It’s not just for breakfast anymore.

    Help. I’m losing my mind.

  5. i’m glad i read that article and all, but i do have to wonder which organization decided to share my info, i’m quite sure all the liberal causes i signed up for have privacy policies claiming to not do that. hmm.

    still, it’s nice that 0.0000000001% of spam isn’t completely evil.

  6. I get the spam from Orion as well. I posted an email address on MetaFilter that was unique for a contest I was holding (something like “filepilegiveawa at” or something). Anyway, the guy admitted to scrapping the site for his list, promised to remove me, but never did. I had to set up a filter for it.

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