dream blogging

so it was confusing. first the kid wanted a cheese sandwich for breakfast, only because i wouldn’t give him a plain mayonnaise one. then he was supposed to take an apple to school, but we only had half an apple and two bananas, so i debated sending a banana and a note (afterall, ‘b’ comes right after ‘a’) but changed my mind and decided to send a book about apples instead. later, i’m wandering from room to room trying to find my shoes. they weren’t where they usually are, i’m sure, and then they were.

wait. that was reality. the dream is here.

6 thoughts on “dream blogging

  1. Mayo McCheese!

    Damn, I need to start dreaming. That sounds like too much fun. I never remember my dreams, if I do have them. Every once in a while I remember. I’m sure that means something. I’m pretty sure that’s a pathology.

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