he’s not spoiled, and nevermind my hormones

so. for the sake of openness, the person referenced in the whiny post, read it (which i was rather hoping they wouldn’t, since it was so overreactive) and we have communicated and all is well, and all will be well. i am grateful for those who understand my hormonal surges.

now. spoiled. the boy-child is not spoiled. he came home from the babysitter and requested a warm poptart. well we had no poptarts. and he started to cry. and i stood strong on the issue, saying, we have cookies, and waffles, and things of that nature. these things should suffice.

no go. so daddy (the enabler) sidles up to me and says, ‘can you just go to circle k and get him the individual package of poptarts? you can get gas at the gas station right there. you need gas.’ ok, look it’s the principle of the thing. (big grey kindergartener eyes welling up with tears). *sigh* so we go. and while at the checkout register i notice packs of pokemon cards. i slip one into the purchase, we get home and unbag the stuff, i warm the poptart, saying nothing, and the boy discovers the cards and exclaims ‘pokemon’ with such joy. such joy.

i am a pushover for kindergarteners.

10 thoughts on “he’s not spoiled, and nevermind my hormones

  1. How could anyone resist the welling eyes of a kindergartener? Poor kid. I mean, for the love of God, why weren’t there any *PopTarts* in the house???!!!

  2. Hey, I’d probably be doing the same thing. I think there is nothing wrong with a little spoiling of a child. Now, if he were whining for some beer, or something, that’s a whole nother issue.

    But poptarts? My kindergartener LOVES him some poptarts. On each of our bi-weekly shopping adventures I let him pick out one box of whatever poptarts he chooses. It’s a small thing, but it makes him happy.

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