holidays around the web

i picked this up from She — it’s been to other places, like Dan and Lynn, both of whom i can’t permalink; Kitty and Linda have also shared in the cheer.


feel free to pick up the wreath and carry on, leave a comment or ping so we’ll know where it goes…

10 thoughts on “holidays around the web

  1. I’m dreaming of a…

    This was sent around the office today. Pretty funny. Have a white trash christmas. (you need flash and be sure to turn the speakers up). Oh and pass this wreath around. I stole it from KD

  2. finally we have a hair picture! looks boootiful, kd 🙂 and i looove the look you’re giving Kurtwood.

    “okay,” kd says with a reluctant smile, “take the damn picture before i change my mind. and those freaking bloggers better be happy it’s almost Christmas and i’m letting you get away with this shit.”

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