10 thoughts on “home, for the holidays

  1. ouuuuuuuu pretty stuff!!! Hope you get everything you want for Christmas. I got my Christmas wish today!!! And it didn’t cost a dime either. Merry Christmas! And KD, thanks for the “MOM” comments!

  2. most of those are kurtwood’s — the big box is for me, and it’s heavy. but all the other wrapped things are for the kid.

    we wanted his fifth christmas to be wonderful.

    there are also a few things that came in the mail, from good friends.

    lots of holiday love here.

  3. Happy Christmas to you and the fam. It is much important to have fuzzy memories of fun times for the kiddoes. That’s why we are single-handedly supporting George Lucas this year! Of course, if R2-D2 can be programmed to bring the remote, it will have been money well spent!

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