18 thoughts on “i know it’s not a contest

  1. Is this a new epidemic in trolldom? Batgrl was just hit by some bozo with a similar M.O. the other day. (Nonsensical, illiterate, potty mouths who post waaaay in the back, where only the site owner can see it.)

    *sigh* nobody ever fucks with me… *sniffs armpits*
    What? do I offend?

  2. they come in through freaky-ass google searches, which is how they get to the back pages. there was oddly enough one for “skinny girls with big asses” a few minutes before this on the same first numbers of a masked AOL id, visiting a completely different post, but this visit had a referer of the “subscribe to comments” script. ???

    Domain Name aol.com
    ? (Commercial)IP Address 198.81.27.# (Various Registries)Language Setting EnglishOperating System Microsoft Win98Browser Internet Explorer 6.0
    Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; AOL 7.0; Windows 98; YComp of Visit Dec 03 2002 6:21:50 pmLast Page View Dec 03 2002 6:21:50 pmVisit Length 0 secondsPage Views 1Referring URLhttp://kdblog.com/su…ibe1/emailtolist.phpVisit Entry Page http://kdblog.com/arc/000294.phpVisit Exit Page http://kdblog.com/arc/000294.phpTime Zone UTC-8:00
    PST – Pacific Standard Time
    PDT – Pacific Daylight Saving TimeVisitor’s Time Dec 03 2002 6:21:50 pm

    and, they’re in my time zone. loverly.

  3. i don’t think the stats are that accurate as regards pages visited. the other visit is definitely this person, but shows totally different info (except for IP addy).


  4. I’ve had people condemn me for holding unpatriotic views and stuff, but my trolls generally can spell. Maybe everybody who wants to leave a comment should be forced to leave a valid website address.

  5. I don’t get them on my main blog, but they do hit the hoax blog quite often. I have only had one or two potty mouths…most of them are just, well…12, I’m sure. lol I’ve never had anything as fun as yours kd. hee.

  6. in order to requre a valid website address, you really have to have registration — and for every troll that’s deterred by a registration process, you have any number of nice people who are also deterred.

    if i was ever really infested by these parasites, i’d have to consider that, but as it is i like the open comment style.

    it does scare me that people like that exist.

  7. I had one yesterday asking me to explain the significance of the song lyrics in this post from back on Mother’s Day. Considering the song is from the Pooh books…I’m tempted to quote the desk sergeant in Hill Street Blues: “Be careful out there.”

  8. Batty’s weird troll looks creepy. She’s got that single white female thing going on…and she’s taken a MILLION pictures of herself. – Just herself. I think she did leave comments just to hear herself talk. And maybe she did it to get hits? Maybe…


    I’m glad to be a nice, loveable comment-freak. :o)

  9. I find it weird that they pop up in old posts. It’s like, huh? I’ve moved on and past that topic. Not that trolls have anything to say about the topic, they’re just babbling to see themselves post. Of course that’s basically what I do in my blog…. Hmmm. What point was I trying to make?

    *batbrain freezes, locks up, fizzles out with a small and pathetic popping noise*

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