i should be less surly

generally sort of surly all day, which i attribute to this whole december thing. stresses me out no end.

on the bright side, they cleaned out the lost and found at the car wash today, they were just going to dump everything, which is just nuts. so now i have one of these. it even comes with extra lenses and stuff. the glass over the autofocus is cracked, i’m not sure if it’ll be able to focus, but hey. can’t complain.

on a completely unrelated note, diet vanilla coke rocks.

23 thoughts on “i should be less surly

  1. They have diet now?!! WOOHOO!! I’ve been bitching to Fran (who is tired of hearing about it) that they don’t make diet vanilla coke. And they do! I’m entirely too excited by this news.

  2. I keep looking at the vanilla coke in the fridge at my coffee joint and sighing because I’m on a diet – but no longer! 😀

  3. My sister, b-in-law and two nieces brought over a sure cure for surliness: a 7-week old Huskie puppy (fortunately, for their house, not ours!). Little pure-white ball of fluff. Even our 11-year-old puppy kinda liked it.

  4. well, most of the day i just kind of clung to the five year old, he makes it hard to be surly, but interactions with adults were less pleasant.

    and then i watched the santa clause and was teary half the movie. i’m definitely having some emotional weirdness.

  5. can do pretty nifty stuff with lenses 🙂
    ther should be a way to fix the cracked glass, though it would be interesting to see what pics will come out with it 🙂

  6. that camera is bound to have some bitchin mojo. you’d better take some pix with it.

    on a completely unrelated note, hosting problems appear to be sucking hard in my space.

  7. I had a sure shot just like that for ages and ages in high school – I loved that thing! And it worked really well!

    I have to admit I’m interestedto see what photos will look like with the broken lens…

  8. it’s just the glass over the autofocus part that’s cracked — it may still be able to focus through that (it’s cracked in three pieces, but still holding more or less together).

    if that really messes things up, i think i’ll probably see if i can get it replaced, or just take the glass off (the little autofocus thingys underneath are their own glass) — i think, aside from that, it’s a rockin’ camera and having lenses is a big, big plus.

  9. OMG, been telling the chicks at work about the bubbly deliciousness of diet vanilla coke for the past week. It’s like the fabulousness of cream soda mixed with diet coke. Yum. Now I just need a caffeine free version and I’ll be in heaven.

  10. and the lenses are: telephoto, and wide angle! so that oughta be fun to play with.

    i’ve never had lenses before. not ones separate from the camera, at least.

  11. Cool on the new camera! Sorry I haven’t been around much the last few, I’ve been nuts crazy flipping out busy. Missed reading your page.

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