i’m sorry in advance for this in fact i suggest not reading it

i meant to go to my linklist to surf (as i am currently waiting for the go-ahead on what i’m working on at work), and i completely automatically navigated here to this entry screen. against my will and better judgement. i don’t want to post right now, because i don’t want to whine.

earlier today in an email it was suggested that i had put in a re-direct for the ‘glory of the surreally empire’ and against the best interests of the site involved. (oh, it was really subtle, but i know an allegation when i see one) and i can’t get this out of my head. added to the other stressors right now i think i’m about to break. the other stressors are … really stressful. well, it’s been awhile since i’ve sat here crying at my fucking desk, i guess it’s about time.

for some reason the physiology of the starting crying is causing my jaw to muscle spasm? guess i’ve been clenching for awhile.

usually it starts getting better right around the time i’m able to begin regretting posting about it. right now i’m all, who cares?

21 thoughts on “i’m sorry in advance for this in fact i suggest not reading it

  1. Hope it wasn’t MY redirect that caused the trouble!!!! If is was, tell me who it was that bitched……..I’ll get Guido the killer pimp to visit him/her!! LOL

  2. As far as “the glory of the Surreally empire”, well it saved my ass when my old site vanished, so as far as I’m concerned the Surreally empire is glorious. Anybody who would say otherwise is just not seeing the generousness of helping so many people.

    And I have a 1989 Olds Cutlass I would give you as a Christmas present to get you through your car troubles if you weren’t 1600 miles away.

    And I’d come and pick you up from work…

    And I’d give you candy…

  3. I think you’re taking over the entire blog world, and all of us norms are going to be wiped out … or is it whipped out?

    Okay I checked, it’s definitely wiped out.

  4. Whipped sounds like more fun, though. 😀 I’m sorry things are sucking right now, kd. I’d offer a platitude, because I have plenty of them, but they don’t seem to do much good. Instead, I’ll just throw you much love and good vibes. 🙂

  5. Hey I have chocolate…
    But no way to share it via blog. Someone work on making that a new option in the next version of MT?
    I need to share my chocolate.
    Think of what a better place I could make the world….
    (yes, text is still weird for me. am working out why…)

  6. i have always maintained that we need teleportation plugins for the AIM so we can share beer and chocolate and other essential substances.

  7. all hail the … *ahem*

    we gots lotsa glory though. not like i gotta go grabbing at it. kinda the furthest thing from my mind you know? and that’s why it hurt.

  8. go home and give that beautiful boy of yours a huge hug and forget the rest….if just for a moment or two. it’s one of the “perks” of being a mom.

    big *smile*

  9. there must be somthing in the air, I was feeling rather teary eyed at work for no apparent reason. i send you happy sunshine thougts, relaxing and destressing. Oh and what Nikki said. There is nothing that a hug won’t make feel better.

    *hugs and giggles*

  10. Well, I for one… CONTINUE to be pledge my loyalty to the Surreally Empire. It was there for me when I needed it the most.

    So, uh… do we get to fight some people to the death, or something? Swords, battle axes, and exploding stuff, kinda, well… “excites” me.

  11. I’m not sure I understand what the person was trying to say either…but fuck ’em. They’re just jealous.

    neener neener neener surreally rules and *whoever it was that made kd cry* drools.

  12. well, it’s not quite that simple — that was just the last straw on my day, the other stuff (automotive and holiday related) left me in a vastly weakened state.

    and the implication about made my head explode. it really did. but only ’cause i was already ready to.

  13. Oh no. All us Surreally gals must be on the same cycle now. I love you, kd. Cheer up and give us a smile. I think we should take up a collection to send kd chocolate. And it would be calorie-free, after she came out and personally kicked all of our asses, I mean.

    All my love, my sistergal.

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