morbid thoughts

reading about the death of Joe Strummer today, i got to thinking some morbid stuff. decided to look up who all died this year. Dee Dee Ramone isn’t even on the list! and as for some of the rest of them, well, i was surprised to learn they hadn’t been dead for a long time. huh.

and i swear to god every time i hear a warren zevon song on the radio i expect to hear that he’s gone too. damn.

4 thoughts on “morbid thoughts

  1. Aw, I didn’t know that Thor Heyerdahl died. He was the dude that sailed a balsa wood boat across the ocean, and I was in a grade school play about him.

  2. Ol’ Warren is on the watch list, though. Lung cancer, I think.

    I used to get the world almanac every year so I could keep up on who kicked off. As I get ever more close to that inevitable day myself, I find I’m just not as interested as I used to me. It’s one thing when everyone who’s dying is someone who’s always seemed old, or even on the “I thought he/she was already dead.” list. It’s a whole other thing when it’s people you felt were contemporary, or, horror of horrors, people who are younger than you are, start kicking off.

    Such a happy Christmas thought, eh?

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