ok, let’s review

so you know those stress tests where they assign numeric values to stressful life events? like this one? well, their list is long, but not very comprehensive. here’s mine, for the last 12 months:

lying weasel x-roommate small claims court thingy.
changed operating systems on main computer.
started really getting that old vision thing where you can’t focus upclose.
my baby started kindergarten.
major dental work/debt.
those server moves – remember the server moves?
semi-major car screwuppage.
shaved my legs — twice. maybe even three times.
became really subversive.
i always feel like somebody’s watching me. really.
traumatic, unprecedented pant size.
getting downsized/becoming unemployed a freelancer.
losing my DSL provider (let’s assign the ‘death of spouse’ point value to that, shall we?).
daughter in france for the holidays.
the holidays themselves.

so how much would that be? do i win?

21 thoughts on “ok, let’s review

  1. the alarming change in pants size…yeah. i know that one. that’s a good 9 on a 10 scale. particularly if you can’t afford to buy new pants.

    apropos of nothing, how do you get that cool A:hover fade effect?

  2. I did mine, and then I did yours (at least what I think yours would be from the list you made and the trauma it would result in if I were you) and lets just say that we are both well over the 400 mark my dear. Let’s think positively about 2003 shall we? Over a bottle of this perhaps?

    On a totally unrelated note:
    sniff sniff – Do I smell javascript sharing? 😉

  3. I got both the blurry vision and expanding pants size things, and they are both due to sitting in front of one computer or another all day.

    If my DSL goes out though I’m killing myself.

  4. I’m teetering on the edge of wellness at 143. Just one event would push me over the line.
    I have to say that I’m doing much better than in past years, and I owe a lot of that to friends like you, kd.
    And, you know….Keanu Reeves.

  5. okay, I know you all hate me, but I got the opposite problem with the pants size and it is just as bad. Gone from 130 to 103 since July. Damn school uniform doesn’t fit anymore and those suit thingies are EXPENSIVE. So now I have to buy 7 more sets over the Christmas holidays, and believe me, they are not from Kmart. LOL, sometimes I wish I went to public school with jeans and Tshirts, but KC public schools are all going uniforms too, so thats out! Okay, now you can hate me for the weight thing.

    But I’ll take tequila anyway……….PLEASE!!!!!!! Damn no again too. (pout pout pout)

  6. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHh I just took that thing! I scored a 357!, but seriously, one of them that they give you big score on “death of a relative” for me was ANTI stress LOL.

  7. 351 — Oh, yeah! Mostly from work-related stuff. Oh, and that mortgage thing. And Hub being a bum looking for work for nine months. And not eating for three months. Yippee! Bring on 2003!

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