proudly gazing at my navel

“Bloggers are navel-gazers,” said Elizabeth Osder, a visiting professor at The University of Southern California’s School of Journalism. “And they’re about as interesting as friends who make you look at their scrap books.” She added, “There’s an overfascination here with self-expression, with opinion. This is opinion without expertise, without resources, without reporting.” .

ok, so the article’s not entirely negative. it goes on and on and on about how the warbloggers have influenced mainstream press. woo. hoo.

ok, i’m in bit of a snitty mood this monday. matter of fact i found pretty much the only negative part of that article and quoted it. because.

15 thoughts on “proudly gazing at my navel

  1. see, i’m like that too — i love looking through scrapbooks, seeing people’s pictures, reading about their thoughts. blogging rocks. bloggers are cool.

    and when you consider how many warbloggers got linked up in the ‘blogging influencing the headlines’ part of the article, yes, we’re threatening to the established news outlets. well, the warbloggers are.

    i swear, we need to get some peaceblogger’s names bandied about with the same frequency as we hear about glenn goddamn reynolds. dammit.

  2. I don’t *make* anyone read my site, anyway. (I don’t think I could stop my mom.)

    It’s like TV — if you don’t like what’s on, change the channel. No one is forcing you to read the blogs. I happen to enjoy it, and see it as a valuable way to keep up with people I don’t get to see in person everyday.

  3. i’m not the friend who forces people to look at my scrapbooks… i’m the annoying guy who sits next to you at work…

    “hey, did you see that show last night? oh, guess what i heard! hey, check this out!” you know, that guy…

    what is it they say about journalism profs? that they only teach cuz they couldn’t hack it in the field?

  4. That person said: “In fact, the biggest interest that bloggers seem to have is blogging itself”…

    That’s pretty funny. Isn’t that the point of any kind of writing?

  5. I’m with the others that like to look at scrapbooks and shit. And, if weblogging is so freaking boring? Why is anyone bothering to read them on a daily basis, for fucks sake?


  6. i love looking at scrapbooks. better yet, i love hearing people’s stories.

    i think it all comes down to “traditional” journalists getting jealous over those who self-publish getting more recognition.

  7. It’s all about the cult of experts, kd. Anyone who has spent overmuch time studying to “be” something, be it a journalist, lawyer, politician, or doctor tends to feel threatened by an informed public.

    Not that all in the above professions have this same attitude, but there is a definite contingent of any professional organization who wishes to monopolize speech/thought and who can’t stand it when others attempt to practice without license.

  8. I’m in the same boat as you, bobby. I love seeing people’s pictures and hearing their stories. It’s about the most really interesting thing I know.

    People are fascinating creatures.

    I do have to agree with dru, too, for the most part.

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