shopping day, cont’d

ahh, shopping. went to game stop, went to target, went back to game stop, then hit taco bell — all in the same shopping center, due to the buick (which i am proud to report, can actually set off other car’s car alarms with its knock). then stopped by work for my check, since the Golden Debit Card of Doom will only go so far before i actually have to put money in the bank.


the haul so far: one red game boy. sonic advance. rechargable battery pack and AC adapter. tub-o-play doh. clipboard art set. sturdy boots with flashing red fire trucks on the side.

edited to “hide the presents”

12 thoughts on “shopping day, cont’d

  1. no shrinky-dinks.

    this is going to drive me crazy you know. knowing these neat-o gifts are squirrelled away in the closet, waiting five more whole days to give them to the kid — i think i’m more impatient about christmas now than my kid is.

  2. You think you’re more impatient? This is because you’re infused with the Christmas spirit and the joy of giving, right? Certainly not because you want to play with them yourself, right? 😉

  3. i really can’t wait to see how happy this is going to make him. i don’t have any illusions of getting to play the game anytime soon, he’s going to be so in love with it. i just get a big charge out of seeing that kid happy.

    sad story: he had a game boy color. when the evil ex roommate kicked out his girlfriend and her two kids at christmastime two years ago, they took his gameboy when they moved away (it was sitting in the living room) talk about heartbroken.

    and now these new ones? way cooler.

    if you’d ever been around my kid when he is really, really happy, you’d feel this way too. he says thank you at least a hundred times, with such delight.

  4. So do we get to see a photo of him with a big smile???
    I can’t wait!
    I also wish you could include the scent of playdough in here – that’s a smell that really brings back childhood.

    And I have been looking high and low for plain ol blank shrinky dinks to play with. I used to LOVE those things! The quest continues…

  5. I got all my little cousins and sisters-in-law, and an adult friend, shrinky dinks last year, for Christmas. I’m not sure they were as excited about them as I was. I was pretty excited. Probably I should just get my own damn shrinky dinks this year.

    I can’t wait to see lots of Play-Doh photos!

  6. ooh, that light thing looks totally cool — i was testing one of the store models at game stop and the screen seems quite dark. we’ll have to look into that.

    …after baking, plastic pieces actually SHRINK to approximately l/3rd their original size and become 9 times thicker! Colors intensify and mistakes SHRINK right along with each and every piece created!

    i’m kicking myself for not getting some of these when i was in Target. i may have to go back, what a great gift. i’m pretty sure my son would be thrilled with those.

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