skirmish on the home front

nothing like a refreshing fuss about war to start the day, eh? peace protesters being interviewed on the television, me agreeing like the commie bastard i am, him with his ‘we have to get rid of the bad people‘ thing. realize, we’re talking about a guy who joined the navy at age 18 in hopes they’d send him somewhere to kill bad people. unfortunately, he was discharged for medical reasons before he got to go do that.

usually we don’t talk about it, and today it didn’t get far, ’cause we’ve learned to just let it go. we would probably both like it very much if the other one would come to their senses and see the light and all, but it ain’t gonna happen. i mean, when i make snorty noises about the concept of ‘pre-emptive’ strikes and mumble about how that’s gonna just keep going and going, where do you stop pre-empting when more of the world hates you as every day goes by? and he’s fine with that. we, the good people, should take over all parts of the world where the bad people are, and either kill them or … well, just kill them really.

i actually feel kinda bad for him, having to put up with this, because when we first met i didn’t have any particularly strongly held views on anything, and as such i’m sure if we had discussed this sort of thing, i would have said, hell yeah! the new, subversive me is pretty recent. and probably really annoying 🙂

5 thoughts on “skirmish on the home front

  1. Way.

    It’d get you laid six ways ’til Tuesday up here.
    That whole ‘benevolent superpower’ attitude is so five decades ago. Or, say, two millenia. People have no sense of history. A little cynicism here and there and the unavoidable collapse of empire isn’t so shocking. ;D
    But, you know, it’s better to have any attitude than none. Even if the one he spouts isn’t getting him laid, so much.

  2. The next pre-emptive strike is going to be aimed at the USA by people who want to stop us. This is a rule that should not be re-written, but our Oil Company Benefit Society oops I mean government cannot be stopped.

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