slight panic attack with suicidal ideation

ok. so i’ve contacted a local reseller of pac bell dsl,, as recommended by the sales guy here (we actually sell DSL here, to businesses). anyway. talked to a very nice lady named heidi, whose direct extension i now have (w00t!).

the bad news: there is no way to switch me without me cancelling my current DSL and letting the service be turned off. it will then take approx. five business days to get me back up and running. Heidi says she can hook me up with a *shudder* dial up account in the interim, which means that i’ll have to dig up that modem which only works with the (ancient, crashy) windows box.

this means five days of my only internet being dialed up from a 350mhz K6 with like a fourteen inch monitor. five *business* days.

just kill me now.

19 thoughts on “slight panic attack with suicidal ideation

  1. This sounds like giving people tax cuts (fast DSL) and then raising them (dial-up); it’s much harder to take stuff back. I’ve never been on anything other than dial-up (on a 33 bps or whatever the measurement is), so I’m trying to feel your pain, kd, but it can be tolerated for short periods if necessary. 🙂

  2. certainly people tolerated slow internet connections for many years — but once you go DSL, going back hurts. probably comparable to giving up heroin and substituting tylenol PM.

  3. I had to go over 2 weeks without DSL while I changed phone numbers. It was rough using dial-up, so I basically stayed offline. I feel you pain.

    Hoopty, you got the killer? You don’t need a job. You need customers.

  4. I suppose the phone company provides your last mile so they have to give up line provisioning so a new provider can take it. That sucks! Can you get cable broadband instead?

  5. i thought about it, but i’m not too happy with Adelphia for my cable to begin with. type adelphia in a search engine and it comes up “corporate scandals” — scary stuff.

  6. Oh man! I feel your pain girlfriend. When we first moved up here, there was ZERO fast internet. Now we pay an arm and a leg for DSL, but at least it’s available now. I wish there was something I could do to help get you through these five days. ((((hugs))))

  7. send valium! or xanax! that’s the only way i’ll be able to not go mad, is if i’m totally zonked out of my mind.

    oh, let’s face it, i’m just going to go mad.

  8. excellent. i’ll be needing to be zonked. real zonked.

    i woke up this morning with this horrible horrible feeling, like, oh no, what if it’s off already? it was terrifying. what if it’s off when i come home tonight? what if it goes off during the weekend when it will mean that i can’t even start the process of getting re-hooked up till monday? what about the holidays? those will screw things up too.


  9. I feel your pain. I’m a DirecTV refugee too, and I don’t know how I’m going to work for 3-5 business days over dial-up. AAAAAAH!

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