some cheer

so i am in receipt of my holiday film exchange partner‘s pictures, and have sent my little disposable camera full of mall pictures winging across the country.

next step is to prepare the gallery, but i wanted to give you a sneak preview. i feel so lucky to have a whole bunch of Kelly’s pictures here, there is something marvelous and magical about developing someone else’s film and getting a glimpse into another life, far away. this preview is one of my favorites, it’s so peaceful and beautiful:

8 thoughts on “some cheer

  1. wait till you see the rest. the gallery is done, but i haven’t heard from her, so i kinda wanted to wait till she saw it before i linked it up.

  2. I didn’t know you were in the Holiday Film Exchange! Great. I have to do my partner’s webpage tonight or tomorrow. I lucked out and got somebody in Koln germany, so that was double cool.

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