stuck in my head

i guess the best case scenario of any ad campaign (aside from actual product sales) is the ability to get stuff stuck in the consumer’s head. and it goes a little like this:

fire and ice, neither ain’t so nice,
not to mention troubles, with sparks and bubbles,
chickens on the run, frozen in their tracks,
hope that purple dragon don’t come back,
pack up the sheep and close the barn door
he ain’t just a fire hazard anymore.

.sigh. i *like* this. and i also want the game, but that’s because i like to play spyro. not because of the commercial. really.

9 thoughts on “stuck in my head

  1. it’s a new video game, Spryo (the dragon) Enter the Dragonfly. spyro games are wonderful to play — very beautiful graphics, interesting worlds to wander around in, nice music.

  2. My 5yr old has been sing that song for weeks “hope that purple dragon don’t come back”. I just had to do a search on it…and I found this site. Pretty neat.

  3. I’ve been seeing that commercial for weeks and I’ve been trying to get the name or anything to who made it, but, i still haven’t found anything.

  4. i continue to enjoy the commercial, which nickelodeon plays alllll the time – though mostly they play the shortened version without the chickens on the run, frozen in their tracks.

    i think spyro’s interactions with that family and their livestock would make a really cool short film.

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