sunsets and other things

it takes forever and seven to upload these. but the sky this dusk, it was .. it was .. here it is:

more to come. publishing this while i can, dialup willing and the creek don’t rise.

***edited to add***
sunset from the window of a car doing 50 on wide streets by the mall:

and this is my friend mechele. she has a new 19 week old puppy, who peed freely on my carpet. look how cute:

so cute.

15 thoughts on “sunsets and other things

  1. Our sky was all purple (there were people running everywhere), then red, and when I ran out to take pictuers this big storm kicked in and it started hailing. Eeep! Your photos are gorgeous. So’s the puppy.

    Happy New Year!!!

  2. Is that your puppy? Kewl… I wish I had room for a puppy now. I was just offered a half rottweiler, quarter german shepherd, quarter dobermann pup and had to pass on it, because of not having enough room… bah! I’m going to have to move in 2003. I think that’ll be my resolution. Anyways… Happy New Year, KD!!!

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