that feeling of security

from wired this morning, “taking liberties with our freedom”:

Not to be left off the gravy train, big business also pushed through its own grab bag of perks in the new legislation.

One of the most egregious and potentially dangerous of these travesties is the Homeland Security Act’s creation of new and very broad exemptions from the Freedom of Information Act.

Businesses now have a new way to evade liability for safety violations, hazards to consumers and other abuses. They need merely report the information about their behavior — even totally unclassified activities — to the federal government, and claim it’s related to homeland security. In the parlance of the Homeland Security Act, they declare the data to be “CII,” or Critical Infrastructure Information.

Instantly, the company filing drops that information into a black hole of secrecy, hidden from public view. If a government employee releases any such data without the permission of the company that submitted it, regardless of its importance to the public, they could be subject to jail time.

so. not only do we have Total Information Awareness as regards our personal data being collected, all of it, we also have no right to know about dangerous corporate behavior.

oh and let’s not forget this little gem: There is a provision, as you may know, that provides liability protection for pharmaceutical companies that actually make mercury-based vaccine preservatives that actually have caused autism in children. It wipes out all of the litigation.

feudal. that’s the word i’ve been looking for. feudal.

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  1. I’m currently learning the words to “O Canada”. I’m thinking, a little blogger commune, off the beaten path, but close enough to the city that we can do stuff if we feel like it.

    Stalking your Congressman only feel good if you can threaten them with your vote. And our votes, apparently, didn’t mean much in the last election. Sigh. We live in scary scary times, kd.

  2. Or how about a blogger country? Lets go take over part of Amsterdam and form a new government and live free. Kurtwood can be the president of our country (because kids are smarter than grown-ups) and we can have national holidays every day of the week!

    If we had our own blogger country we could set up some kind of welfare system scam and live for a while without working.

  3. it’s a total reversal of the way our freedoms are supposed to work.

    It’s a “we know everything about you but you can’t know anything about us” kinda government.

    But people aren’t reacting strongly because, you know, TERRORISTS!

    Meanwhile, it’s been over a year since there was a successful terrorist attack on a U.S. interest.

    Yet, the FBI and whomever else keeps issuing threats to the public so that we stay on edge.

    Thus, as controls are taking away we’re being told it’s to keep us safe because we obviously don’t know how to take care of ourselves.


  4. and this damaging piece of legislation was passed in a lame-duck session of congress, with like two days notice, and there is seriously nowhere near enough outrage out there. insane.

  5. What’s even more interesting about the Lilly litigation freebie is that the press, so far, has been unable to ferret out who inserted that item.

    I’m with you, kd. I can not understand why there isn’t more outrage out in the “homeland.”

  6. You are totally hearing what I am saying. This vaccine fiasco is so fucked up is’t unbefuckinglievable.

    You forgot to mention, though, that the whole exemption from litigation is being rolled out along with a plan to begin mass smallpox innoculation – and the smallpox vaccine has a DEATH RATE of anywhere between 1-5 in a million…with an even greater injury rate.

    I posted about it here

    Information about the anthrax vaccine here

    Not about vaccines, but fucking frightening as all fuck

    This entry has a small blurb about the ultimate stupidity of unleashing the smallpox vaccine on a large number of health care professionals all at once.

    And here’s one more.

    There is an e-mail in my inbox with a link to an article that I have been meaning to post about…I’ll try to get to it later and trackback.

    Sorry for hijacking (arar) your comments, kd, but vaccinations is an area that I keep a close eye on.

    This is all seriously, eXTREMELY frightening to me. Mostly because, and I know this sounds so totally paranoid, but…I just would not put it past the people in charge to escalate waning fear by releasing smallpox or anthrax. I honestly don’t feel those who are in power are interested in giving up their power. If you listen to Bush’s speeches of late, he keeps repeating the same shit, even though it appears that Iraq is totally complying.

    I’m not normally a conspiracy theorist, but the abrupt erosion of our freedoms, and the abrupt addition of power that the government and industry have basically wrested from a paralyzed public have turned me into one.

  7. Y’all know who Molly Ivins is? Syndicated columnist? There’s a reason I have her on my link list. Read her Nov. 26 column. You might have to page back once; go down to the bottom of the current column. There’s a back button there.

    Her subject is specifically the offshore company contract freebie.

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