the cat’s in the toothbrushes and the silver spoon

randomly: when i think the plural of toothbrush my mind pronounces it teethbreesh. for some reason. anyway.

the other evening, chris tells me, ‘oh! forgot to tell you. rinse your toothbrush in really hot water, this morning i heard these clanking noises in the bathroom and the kitty was up on the counter with the toothbrushes.’   [he tells me this a little too late to do anything about that morning’s brushing, so eww, but anyway]  ‘i don’t know if he likes the toothpaste or is trying to drink the water’  [kitty will not drink nice fresh water from a water bowl. he’s all about dirty sinkwater, faucet drippings, or, apparently, teethbreesh]  ‘well did you smell his breath? is he minty?’ i asked.   [no, he’s not about to smell kitty’s breath]

well at first i didn’t believe this was accurate, probably out of denial to think of having used a toothbrush that had been licked by a cat who licks … himself. but one of these weird sleep nights i got up to go potty and sure enough, kitty was right up there on the counter and the teethbreesh were a-clankin’.


12 thoughts on “the cat’s in the toothbrushes and the silver spoon

  1. hilarious.

    btw, for some reason, i’ve always remembered “bathroom faucet water” to be the most tastiest and refreshing water in the whole house. maybe the cat’s on to something.

  2. bathroom faucet water is particularly tasty on mornings when you wake up … you know, kinda dehydrated. it is good stuff. hadn’t thought of that.

  3. i only wish i had a camera back when i caught kitty drinking out of the toilet. he seriously loves toilet water. i do have pictures (somewhere) of him drinking dirty dishwater out of the kitchen sink. but never fresh kitty-bowl water. kitty is a weirdo.

    and it’s been confirmed he does go for the toothpaste. chris reports that this morning he caught kitty and the toothpaste cap was … dirty. eww.

    but from now on we put the toothpaste in the caddy upside-down.

  4. yes, bathroom-faucet water is especially good, and at it’s best during 3am stumblings towards the potty. Whether the kitty knows from that however, is something that you would probably know better than me.

    &yeah, I would keep the teethbreesh upside down too, if I were you. 🙂

  5. ROFLMAO I have a mint cat also. Imagine a large grey striped cat rolling around and rubbing his whiskery cheeks all over a giant box of Altoids. I think I have pictures somewhere…

    However, he recoils when offered toothpaste…so I am confident our teethbreeshes are safe.

    How interesting he chose this moment to sit on the keyboard 🙂

  6. This is why I keep the bathroom door closed at all times. The kitties get into everything else, so this way I don’t have to fear for my own teethbreesh.

  7. Our cat would only drink out of the bathtub faucet or a water glass by the bed. We had to put a glass out for him every night. On special occassions he’d go for a nice drink of toilet water.

    He also went NUTS for altoids. He could smell them through the tin and would try to get into your purse to get them. This was particularly odd since this was the cat who wouldn’t get up onto the furniture or anything (he spent his formative years in a nursing home, he was suspciously well-behaved).

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