the enron tapes

found at Bluiguana:

Feds Want To See Enron Videotape – (resident bush also takes part in skit). go on, follow that link, and look to the right of the article — click the “watch clips from Enron tape” link. no, nothing new or shocking, but … my god. those arrogant fucks. they were playing with the money, and with the lives and futures of all their employees at that point (six years ago, when everything still looked rosy), and they thought it was funny.

One thought on “the enron tapes

  1. I just read that story. I don’t doubt it at all either. I have been at several social things that really big named people have been joking around about things that when you think about it, they are pretty bad. My dad was just the kind of person that is in that kind of group.

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