the good and the … other good

well, i’m not getting much done here, but a lot of thinking. and i’ve come up with two really good things about freelancing. (oh – sorry about the one track mind here today) anyway. thing one: professional development. i’ve not been busy in awhile, and yet, when not busy, it behooved me to *look* busy, which does not allow for getting really in-depth involved in interesting non-work related projects. sure, i’d sit around and blog and surf, these things don’t reqire a great deal of focus, and can be done surreptitiously, keeping other windows open and clicking away when nedessary. but i would be so much better at what i do now if i’d been able to just immerse my non-busy self in creative new projects. so, this is good.

thing two: toys! stuff and things! i am going to be required to get cool new gadgets and goodies. i will need one of those nifty copier / printer / scanner dealies. i am going to no doubt need a better camera. ok i made that one up. but you know. suddenly my need for toys and goodies becomes real. and this is very, very good.

in summary, goofing off = good. buying toys = good. getting downsized = mighty fine by me.

9 thoughts on “the good and the … other good

  1. There ya go!!! The brighter side of the down side is always better than the other side. I’m glad I found your blog, and I’m 100% on your side.

  2. I don’t think it’s possible to for me to be online with only one web page open. If only I could train my eyeballs to read independantly! But I fear this would only lead to me opening twice as many web pages at once.

    That’s the thing. Time-savers don’t save time, they increase it’s consumption.

  3. especially in cases like this where it’s being artificially inflated in order to look more like work than … you know, goofing off. even though goofing off the way i would have been goofing off would have been beneficial in the long run.

  4. 1, i’m pretty sensible, in spite of silly appearances, blog-wise. the printer/scanner i have to get right away, no choice in the matter. imagine me trying to work without a printer or scanner.
    2, i was a full charge bookkeeper for ten years. until the Incident(s). which is another story entirely.

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