7 thoughts on “the tree

  1. If you have tinsel hanging, be careful kitty doesn’t eat it. The last time I had a little tree my cat Daisy ate the tinsel she could get to, and then puked it up on my bed!

  2. it’s a spooky old santa clause..

    and i have heard worse cat-tinsel stories. they involve … the tinsel passing through the digestive tract and … oh man.

    we just have garland, no loose tinsel, and the cat is … are you ready for this? indifferent.

  3. You know, kd, my cats have been happy to just snooze under the tree. And they have completely ignored the low-hanging ornaments. I mean – fine by me, I’m not complaining. But, in past years I’ve had to save a falling tree from cats (???)

  4. Cats and the tree (artificial this year):

    RunTunTun: “Where’s the water?”

    Soda: “Gee, thanks for all the toys!”

    Mischief: “This doesn’t taste good at all! How am I supposed to puke this if I can’t even eat it?”

    Pics somewhere at some point…

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