14 thoughts on “this isn’t goofing off

  1. i’m evaluating their user interface. it’s research.

    oh, and i’m very excited about the prospect of getting that much film, since we now have two (and that would make three) 110 film cameras.

  2. well, i really need that toy camera and all that film. need. absolutely. i need some other cool toy cameras too. oh you should see all the cute little cameras. oooh.

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  4. I freaking LOVE 110 film. I almost bought a 110 camera last year, but couldn’t find any film for it. I hope you win it.

    And damn you for getting me to click on that link and take any interest whatsoever in ebay. Now I have to go evaluate the user interface myself. I…wouldn’t want anyone to…er, get hurt using theinterfacegottago!!

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