9 thoughts on “total information awareness

  1. anyone who kd unscrupulously tricked into clicking on the link better watch out.

    i’m just glad i’m in Canada and they can’t get …

    uh oh.

  2. i think it’s written somewhere that that pyramid/eye thing is satanic.

    when i see the black helicopters i’m going to run to the hills, ala iron maiden.

  3. At first I was going to comment on the Masonic / one world government conspiracy paranoia overtones in the logo. Then I actually read some of the stuff.

    This is some scary mind control survelliance big brother stuff!

    Just poking around on the website probably gets your IP address flagged by somebody.

  4. Jeezus kd, what are you doing looking at that stuff? Look for the black vans parked across the street from your house tonight, and don’t talk to anybody on the phone.

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