unprecedented levels of offline-ness

my goodness. not only thirty-six hours between posts, but i also went nearly twenty hours without even checking my email. i was so offline, it wasn’t even funny. oh, the line was there, not that it was a good line, but it was a line. i just wasn’t on it. it was weird. very.

of course, this leaves me with a huge untidy mass of mingled thoughts that have by now become virtually inexpressable due to too much tangling. kind of like the cords behind my two computers that i’ve been mantling and dismantling this weekend. these things once had a purpose and a path, and now they are a rats nest of noodly things with big clunky plug-thingys on the end so it’s virtually impossible to ever straighten them out. did you know that my usual method of moving computers (when i am in a hurry, which with computers, i always am) is to unplug them’n’theirs from the wall(s), stick all the peripherals in a sack, and balance the sack on top of the computer, rather than untangle their wires?

am i ever digressing.

sheesh. i just almost said, thank goodness it’s almost monday, and i will be able to go do the sorts of things a person does when they have only two more weeks of employment left with that company. giving a shit is, i assure you, the furthest thing from my mind. and they have DSL! yay monday.

wait. i did actually say that.

dude. whoa.

13 thoughts on “unprecedented levels of offline-ness

  1. throwing harware into a bag.. ooh the pain, the poor wire thingies. I think I may be anal, i tend to roll them up into little balls, which can’t be good.

    Hope you have a great Monday KD! welcome back to the line 🙂

  2. Hope you have a great Monday… I’ll try to do the same ^_^… but with Kevin home sick and our ex-son-in-law coming over to get his stuff… I don’t know if it’ll be possilbe… oh GREAT…I’m getting a migraine! Well… at least it’s not New Years Eve! ^_^

  3. me thinks maybe you are suffering from online withdrawals…

    and i don’t see much wrong with how you move your pyooter. is there a better way? really?

  4. you know, i’ve been thinking about the wire thing. how is it, that you plug everything in one at a time, and you don’t move the things on either end, and somehow the cords get tied around each other, in knots for cryin’ out loud? clearly there are laws of physics being broken here.

  5. I’ve actually resorted to throwing my computer (the old one, never the new nice one) in a laundry basket and then throwing the peripherals in on top of it. It’s a scientific and highly technical method of relocating computers that is endorsed by some of the smartest minds in the business.

    I haven’t posted for like 3 days, so I think I got your 36 hour thing beat. Hope all is well in kdville!

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