update (boring whining)

and for those of you who are on the edge of your seats, gripping the armrests with sweaty palms and beginning to twitch about the eyes wondering “so what’s up with kd’s stupid buick?” well, i won’t keep you in suspense any longer.

the alternator has been changed and it now reliably starts. however that noise it started making before the alternator died is probably the water pump. additionally, there is noticable collision damage on the lower right front bumper, right where those two parts are, and probably being run into a big old curb is what started this all. it was the night that the daughter had the car, that it started acting up.

and if we can’t find a car lot that will take it in trade, (damned unlikely) it’s going to go back from whence it came really soon.

cars. i hate them.

8 thoughts on “update (boring whining)

  1. in spite of having the initials AJ. damn. i had high hopes.

    then again, this is my own young-driver in parental-car karma come back to bite me in the bumper, you know?

  2. Sending many good thoughts out to you and your poor old Buick.
    Wash and wax and polish it like you’ve never done before….vacuum, clean….get out the q-tips….the armorall….do the tires…..make every surface as shiny as possible. Then…you’ll be able to trade it in!
    Also go to http://www.carpoint.com to see approx. what your car is worth before you trade it. Knowledge is power!
    Good luck, KD!

  3. Oh dear. Car dealings are never fun, whether it’s fixing them or trading them in. And it’s not boring whining, it’s Further Adventures With kd!

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