feeling better, mainly from spending the day considering doing a seriously crazy insane thing which would involve driving thousands of miles in things like, you know, snow and stuff. but all things considered, what if i never got to do anything like that? what if i wished i had, when it gets to the point i can’t? i’m no spring chicken, you know.

so i’m entertaining thoughts about doing this purely loony thing, or rather, they’re entertaining me. it would be the adventure of a lifetime, and possibly result in me having an extra car. if the car in fact made it that far, which it might. i mean, it could. possibilities exist.

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  1. Adventure! Adventure is hard to turn down, you know. I say go for it. (And I don’t even know what “it” is! That’s how difficult it is to turn down adventure–a whiff and we’re all salivating.) 😉

  2. I’m all for automobile adventures, but maybe the fall is a better time to experience them. Dead of winter, snow everywhere, and you a Southern Californian? kd, drive up I-5 and get off at Emigrant Gap. Go here. Think about this. Grins…

  3. it’s just that it’s so crazy. i mean, chris is being very careful not to discourage me, knowing how much that would motivate me, so i’m forced to think on my own.

    do i want to drive an older car from a very far place the midwest to here, in january?

    do i even own a real coat?

    i’d be flying out and driving back. i’d have five days to do it. it would be completely insane.

  4. You ever seen that place? The most awesome part of it for me was seeing dead tree stumps cut off at a height of about 12 feet; that’s where they cut them off at what they thought was ground level.

  5. kd are you nuts? of COURSE you should do it.
    yes there is snow. big deal. there are plows.
    walking away from adventure is folly. always.
    if you are talking about driving to minnesota i will drive out, meet you and give you a jacket. deal?

  6. Hey! Where is this car??? I’m a big long distance driver….don’t like the snow though. Depending on where and when you go….I might be able to follow you part of the way….or not. But if circumstances permit…..I’m willing. Email me with the details….we’ll discuss!

  7. no one looks back on his or her life and thinks good thoughts about the adventures they didn’t take.

    I think monster.com said that in a commercial once…

  8. details: flying to minnesota on Elvis’s birthday. picking up dependable Oldsmobile Beater with 100K miles and the approval of a mechanic, driving back to So. Cal. possibly stopping at several blogger domiciles on the way.

    approval of the mechanic is pending. return of sanity, always pending. desire to see the country covered with icky road snow, intense. think of the pictures! i digress.

    i wanna wanna wanna go.

  9. So is it going to be the northerly route or the southerly?
    ‘Cause if it’s northerly, why not stop in Berkeley for the night?
    Nothing but encouragement here, with a hint of “spring would be really cool; think of all the hibernating woodland creatures that would wake up and say hi. Think of the baby animals. Think of rolling hills of green vs. mounds of greyish white. Think of less oppty for car troubles. But, you know, when opportunity knocks you gotta answer.”

  10. Oh and adventure! If it brings you up to our parts and you need a place to stay, we got a spot on our couch for you! Heck, if I could I’d drive back down to cali with you! I got me some winter driving experience yes indeedily! 🙂

  11. nikki: all is pending. plus i have to wait till i’m less hormonally challenged to make life-decisions.

    Jessica: spring occurred to me, but if i am to rid myself of the buick, sooner is better. and if i am going to keep the buick, still, sooner is better. to park the poor thing and focus on the fixing.

    i’m in no condition to decide right now. i’m waiting to hear from the mechanic on his thoughts on the car’s viability for such an epic trip.

    and i’m so lucky to have so many wonderful friends.

  12. if the car is cleared by the mechanic, how can i not go? but i shall sleep on it, maybe several nights, and also make sure i *do* have places to crash along the way.

    i’m being as careful as i can about this crazy crazy thing.

  13. Oh, thanks. Stodgy, am I? Go, then!

    (Actually, I’d do it in a minute, too, if I was a) on the mainland and b) could pass along household responsibilities to spouse/s.o.).

  14. i am both of those. and i am currently working out (a) couches to crash on and (b) the driveworthiness of the car.

    but if all of that comes together? i’m so driving through 1900 miles of snow in january. oh yeah.

  15. i think you should make a side trip to British Columbia. it’s only about 1400 miles out of the way. we could go to the Yukon.

    i always wanted to run away to the Yukon. [ /wistful tone ]

  16. Voice of reason vs. stodgy? Nah.

    Keeping this crowd grounded? Impossible!

    Sometimes you just have to relax and go with the snow. I mean “flow”…

  17. No fair, I wanna play road trip. Oh well. I’ve always got a couch way down here in Arky-saw, and kitties who love to chew on hair. Someone send a road trip my way.

  18. Just make sure you get “driving in the snow lessons” before you leave. Have you ever driven in snow? You have to be very careful, because we cannot have anything happen to you. CANNOT, kd. You have to take care of yourself.

    Suddenly I’m turning into my mother and I’m all worried about you. I’ll be yelling “be careful!” at you for the next month.

    Ok, you have to go here and read this page for me, so I’ll feel better.

    There may be a test, later. :p

  19. Why is it that when it snows, people (including myself) feel that there is *some* definite thing out there that just HAS to be accomplished and they (me) just HAVE to drive out in the snow to accomplish said task?

    Adventure, adventure!!

  20. dammit, kd, you’re supposed to get a car in BALTIMORE. not minnesota. so you can visit ME and I can help drive on this epic journey.

    i love road trips. and i haven’t been crosscountry since ’96. and that’s a fuckin’ tragedy.

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