why life sucked without a zoom lens

now imagine if you will, if i’d had my new old camera, when this blimp was flying in circles right over my house. this is so much less than you could see with the naked eye, it’s not even funny.

but i don’t even have film yet. why? well i had another one of those incidents in vons, this one involved not being able to get myself to buy one roll for like six bucks, when i could have four for thirteen, and not being able to get myself to spend thirteen, even on something i wanted so badly i could taste it.

me + grocery stores + december = basket case.

6 thoughts on “why life sucked without a zoom lens

  1. i am so spoiled to the digital thing, with the no film and the no developing. but i have great desire to screw on that telephoto lens and take *pictures* — pictures of things far away. i want to take pictures of the moon and sunsets and … so many things.

    i’m so buying film tomorrow. even if it’s impractical. i need film bad.

  2. Ummm…. Film, like, needs to be developed? Like more cash outlay? BTDT.

    My poor Mamiya is just sitting in its dust covered case…

  3. like, i’ll give up beer or quit smoking or something, ok? this is a *need*. i have a telephoto lens *and* a wide angle lens. this is not a want. it is a need.

  4. me + grocery stores + anytime = basket case

    it’s something about the grocery store, in general, for me. hope your december ends better than it began!

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