woozy birthday

went to bed: 1:50ish
woke up by cat: 5:30ish (he stopped by to tell me he was awake before getting his snack, so i could get up and have a snack with him. so we snacked.)
phone rings: 5:58am. daughter wants to know how to get to LAX. i know the answer, just not at 6am. “the 101 to the 405 to an exit that starts with a C and has airplanes flying over it”. (she’ll be in New York this afternoon, Belgium by morning, and then France for three weeks).
6am to 8:30ish: napped fitfully.
9:30: at work in body only. brain still in bed. i’ve successfully managed to say absolutely nothing about it so my co-workers have no idea, which is cool. — oops, no, they know. i guess there’s no way to have a birthday without people finding out.

i did not know that it was Skarlet’s hubby Mr. Fishinnards b-day too! she has a great list of other 12-12 b-days. cool! and here is another 12-12 bday

forty-two is good. woozy, but good.

update, circa 3PM: beginning to wake up, let’s party!

39 thoughts on “woozy birthday

  1. is that a dubya-ism, Linkmeister?

    and i got fried cheese too, to go with the stuffed jalapenos. anyone for some fried cheese?

  2. Everywhere I went today…TripeWriting, dailee, and all around the ‘net…I saw birthday messages for you! I just wanted to get my card into the pile, too.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. or further down the drink list, the Blue M*therF***er”

    Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Lemon Juice, Blue Cura�ao


  4. Dammit, work got me all busy. I’ll transform into a Grumblebat tomorrow tho. All right, now I need to party like it’s Friday.
    I’ll tell the caterers we NEED huge amounts of curacao. And lots of little umbrellas. I live for little umbrellas. I think we should make kd wear them in her hair.

  5. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy BIRTHday dear KD
    Happy birthday to you

    (thank God you can’t hear me sing … it’s awful)

  6. OK, they’re having problems with the sound system – I hope we don’t blow a fuse or something….
    Bartender says he can make Blue M*therF***er”s but wants us to rename them something better – KD you’re up for namage. So you get to think of something – plus you have to drink one of these things. I’m not going to be the only one drunkenly giggling around here…

  7. no no no! no. just a margarita. i was presenting that recipe purely for … hypothetical purposes. i may be crazy but i’m not that crazy.

  8. Too late.
    The bartender – his name is Ted (*rolls eyes*) – was tired of waiting.
    He’s namedt the drink the Kamikaze KD.
    You *have* to have one now!

  9. Ok, look I’ve had one, and I’m just fine!
    Now, whichever of you two is the real kd, here, have one of these things, they’re great! kd, raise your hand so I can tell which one is you. I seem to be seeing two of everything…
    Wow – If I’m very quiet I can hear my hair growing…
    This is a GREAT drink…

  10. KD was gonna try and sneak by…

    Oh like we weren’t going to find out about your birthday! Sooo, unlikely! Go wish KD a happy birthday! More bday wishes here Heck, just post comments all over the place! Let’s show her some appreciation. She’s been there for many of us to help with cod…

  11. So is this where we’re setting up the party?
    Ok, the caterers are coming over in a bit, so it better be.
    I kinda told them to skimp on the food part (finger food yes, of course) but to give us the full bar treatment. So we could pretend it’s already Friday.
    Hope that’s ok with everyone.

  12. whoa, cool history channel link.

    party? does anyone have that cool-looking blue tequila and the matching blue margarita mix and some salt? it’s almost noon, time to party down!

    well, in spirit at least. i’m at work, where tequila is frowned upon.

  13. party poopers.

    how about some of that Bombay Sapphire Gin? it’s a cool blue. always wanted to try that.

    or Blue Hawaiians??

    party! party! party!

  14. i’m not sure about gin. i tried it at blogcon (gin and juice, baby) and it was … perfumey. strange.

    now Blue Hawaiians sound yummy. what’s in them?

  15. hey, i’m going for tacos and stuffed jalapenos, anybody want anything greasy? goes well with tequila of any color!

  16. Oh man, I love stuffed jalapenos. My stomach would probably revolt at them today, but they sound sooooo good.

    I’m of the mind that anything goes well with tequila. Or tequila goes well with anything. 6 of one. A half dozen of the other. :p

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