100 minutes

i’m putting off packing stuff up. i have put all my monitor critters in my bowl that’s been here since the last potluck, but that’s it so far. there’s only about two hours left of this place. only a few people know i’m going. i should be wandering around saying goodbyes and things, but i’m not. besides, i’m told i’m ‘still a member of the family’ and they’ll invite me to potlucks and barbecues, they’re that kind of company that people come back for that type of thing. the kind of company that welcomes people bringing kids to work. hell, we even had an official company baby till he got big enough to wander around the building.

three years, four months. to those of you stable types, that seems an average thing, but to me with my attention defecits and career switches and such, it’s a long long time.

contemplating the jumping off point is causing mild vertigo, and making me feel all awkward. it’s 3:15 now what should i be doing? there are 105 minutes left, that’s not enough. ok, i really have to start cleaning this desk. ok, now it’s 100 minutes. damn.

18 thoughts on “100 minutes

  1. pack it up and bail right now kd- and don’t look back! the future is all about you…
    enjoy your weekend (however long you choose to make it last).

  2. 5:21 PM: from my last comment to this, i packed up my desk, tossed three years of accumulated crap, unhooked the computer, stopped by Office Depot for a 50′ cat 5 cable for the old computer, got home, unpacked and setup this computer (moving my old windows box with its peripherals all in a pillowcase), plugged in new DSL modem, networked the network, and booted up computer.

    DSL, man. DSL.

  3. Remember that old 60s phrase, “today is the first day of the rest of your life?” It’s true, it’s true. Here, have a business network. I’ve only been in about three days, so I’ve had no hits yet, but ever hopeful. There’s a blog sub-group, among other things.

  4. You must run to Staples or Office Depot (the coolest places are ALWAYS named Depot!) and procure yourself a red stapler like the one in Office Space. I’m getting one as a surprise for Hub on starting his new job!

  5. hey, i got to keep my computer!

    and my colorful paperclips, in the dispenser! with permission! and then for some reason i liberated the tape dispenser and i don’t really think i can explain that, ’cause what i really wanted was the stapler. it was nearly two years before i ever got either of those things, so i was really attached to them. i guarded them firecely. “no! no you can’t touch my stapler! get your own! you don’t have the seniority!” and things like that.

    i’m not that into watches. office supplies, now, are a different story.

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