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so the comments on my bloggie post, referencing wil wheaton, fell into two categories: (1) incredibly venomous, and (2) what the heck? for those of you who weren’t around for last year’s bloggies, i’ll try to explain to the #2 folks why the #1 folks are so pissed.

wil wheaton started blogging, oh, about a year and a half ago, and it created a sensation in the blogging community – an event which was metafiltered half to death, and dominated blogdex for a good week or so. i believe he’s the only celebrity blogger to have an open comments section like that, and it quickly got to the point where the guy could have posted “i got up this morning, went poo, and had some toast” and 148 breathless fans would coo “oh me too! we have so much in common!”. his fans were legion.

enter the bloggies. thirty categories, open nominations, then a panel of voters selected from the nomination ballots. i would theorize that the disproportionate numbers of wheaton nominators, caused the panel to be overwhelmingly pro-wheaton. he was nominated for six awards and swept his nominations. best merchandise, best american weblog, best tagline, most humorous, best new, and *choke* weblog of the year. here’s the awards page, and here’s the metafilter thread about the awards page.

wil wheaton dot net is not a bad blog, really. but it’s not nominations-sweeping great. he’s not better than all of the bloggers that he beat, he’s just more famous. i think D summed up the prevailing attitude quite well here, and Miguel summarizes the winners here. i’ll tell you right now, D is a hell of a lot more humorous than ww, and Miguel‘s tagline (a victim of kind, but unscrupulous friends — oh, there was a story behind that one, it was a great tagline) was better than “50,000 monkeys at 50,000 typewriters canοΏ½t be wrong”.

hope this clarifies things, and thanks for letting me vent, i think i needed that.

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  1. that sums it up right. I’m still flabbergasted as to how many he won last year. I have read some of his stuff, and I think that are pages out ther with much better content. well that’s my two cents.

    A celeb catagory sounds like a really good idea.

  2. You know, I started reading Miguel when he had that tagline, and I’ve always wondered what the story was behind it. As to most humorous, D and Davezilla put Wheaton to shame. If you want political humor of the liberal variety, go see Adam Felber.

    Ok, electioneering for that category complete. πŸ˜‰

  3. ahh yes, the feral living tagline. once upon a time, D and Ann redesigned Miguel’s site. the much anticipated new look caused great consternation in blogland, because it was clearly a direct copy of Elise’s (now defunct) opinebovine.com, with a few slight modifications. here is where an apparently unsuspecting Miguel praises D and Ann for their brilliant and original work. soon after, Miguel posts this innocent little post, at this point implying that he was just now realizing that his site was a ripoff of the very well-known (at the time) opinebovine, and asking to “have a word” with his designers.

    now, this whole thing was an act. it was planned between Miguel, D, Ann, and with the full cooperation of Elise. but when it was submitted to pirated sites, they apparently bought Miguel’s innocence to D and Ann’s deceptive web design practices, calling him “a victim of kind, but unscrupulous friends”.

    the end.

  4. Oh! I knew Miguel had been in on the gag, but I didn’t realize the line originated with the watchdogs! It really was a hilarious joke, too. I remember going over to Elise’s site, then coming back to Miguel’s, rubbing my eyes. πŸ˜‰

    4 days to DSL, kd!

  5. They still do the bloggies? Huh.

    Which one is Wil Wheaton again? Troi or Barclay? I always forget. Or was he the one from Stand By Me who ended up being in a lot of movies with Corey Hart or something? I always forget.

  6. Wil Wheaton played the kid in Stand by Me who had the leeches all over his pee pee.

    I enjoy Wil’s blog, but certainly wouldn’t vote it to beat all others. He’s actually one of the nicest celebs I’ve come across (translation=no snob attitude, quite friendly), but i agree a celeb category would be more appropriate for him.


  7. Sigh… I know more real-life, and bigger, celebrities than this guy. It seems the groupies in his comments have never met one. It’s a novelty that I’m really surprised hasn’t worn off by now.

    The more people bitch and whine about him, the more (in)famous he’s gonna get. I choose to just ignore him. Not join the anti-webring, not mock him, not ridicule him… and sure as hell not visit his site. He’s contributed nothing to our community that I can think of.

    After BobTheCorgi’s “Starmaker” Blorgi, and Davezilla’s “Most likely to be seen on Cops“…

    I wouldn’t trade those two awards in for every Bloggy on that page, because those two have a special meaning.
    I know all I have to do is just keep doing my thang, you know?

    I’m loyal to my friends…
    And I’m built for distance. Not Speed.
    Just like you, kd.

    … oh and sorry for the novel. πŸ˜›

  8. Always interesting, kd. You are, you are. I can’t remember where it was, but there was an actual (clique) page for non-ww fans. When I stumbled upon that page, it was the very first time I ever knew there was someone out there that didn’t like the dude’s weblog.

    I’m not a regular visitor to his site, honestly, so whatever that says…

  9. I wasn’t around last year, but scrolling through the results awhile back, that is the impression I got to…thanks for sharing that. πŸ™‚

  10. Celebrity category = good idea.
    I have to give D credit for the re-design/design theft scam, all I did was go along with it. I was really proud (relatively speaking) that even pirated sites fell for it, and created a new spoof category in its honor – they were really nice about being fooled.

    Also it was good for the traffic for a while.

  11. i dont even know who ww is but i think i’d like to keep it that way.

    i’m in it for the underground experience.

    (actually, i eat before i poo.)

  12. I’m glad I don’t know who Will Wheaton is. I didn’t even know who Spongebob Squarepants was until I started reading your blog. KILL YOUR TELEVISION!!!

  13. Well, Elise was in on it too. We do owe her that.

    Damn kd, you really *have* been paying attention, and there was me feeling all unloved and unwanted and everything. I actually had to hold back a tear remembering how much fun all that was.

    I need to dump this day job and get back to being unemployed or a freelancer again… online life was much more fun than this before the nine to five (which is actually a nine to seven but do I get paid overtime? Do I fuck!) took over.

  14. Strange that I linked Wil for the first time today. It has less to do with his blog, than the fact that he was very nice in defending me in a Farking, and sent me a kind e-mail. He seems like a genuinely nice guy, and that is more important to me than what parts he played on TV or how funny his blog style is.

    To be honest, I think blog awards are meaningless. We all like different styles of writing and subject matter. How can one actaully be said to be the BEST in anything?

    The Bloggies, like all awards are a popularity pole, and Wil was the most popular last year. Not better, just most popular. Why get your panties all in a bunch over something so unimportant?

  15. Hm popularity and quality aren’t synonymous or mutually exclusive. He was very nice about supporting wKen on Fark. (I had to read it after the whole brouhaha because I never actually saw said brouhaha but that’s another story) So he’s nice. He writes some touching stuff every once in a while.

  16. I agree with everyone, especially kill your television.
    Just last night, I was thinking about Elise being in on the whole thing. And again this morning, while shaving. She was heavily harassed afterwards, by some spoofer, and she threw in the towel not too long after that. I don’t think our hoax was completely to blame, though.

    Anyway. Sure was good for traffic.

    wKen is right about the whole popularity contest thing. Awards miss the point of blogging, IMO, which is that they are an antidote to mass media. They are narrow-casting, not broadcasting. Etc. Popularity, while a nice feeling, is what blogging is not about.

    Now go nominate us for the Bloggies.

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