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so. i arranged my (computer) desktop just so, everything in its place, all that. nice if i’d done that to the actual desktop surrounding it, but i did straighten a bit. did some dishes, took out some trash (all of this at around 3:35, mainly so it wouldn’t look like i had been sitting around fiddling with the computer all day). so i decided to reward myself with something completely frivolous.

i made an MT template for wireless phone browsers.

the only thing is, it’s WML not HDML so my phone can’t read it. more research is called for on that, but for now, if you have a non-sprint phone, and it has a browser, you could point it at see my last three entries. no comments, nothing fancy, it’s a bit much as it is, long, long pages.

you can go here and put in that URL, to see what it looks like on a variety of wireless phones, if you don’t have a wireless phone. or if you have a sprint phone. why must sprint be so difficult? *grumble* and what is it with browser developers anyway?

i could go get the big box of computer books and crap from the car and begin stocking the workplace with worky looking things. this would be a useful endeavor, as opposed to my actual plans, which include an HDML template, a little phone browser detection, and goodness knows what else. maybe something for PDAs?

fyi, this is it: all you have to do is make a new index template, name it, and the file has to be something.wml.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<do type=”options” name=”prev” label=”back”>
<card title=”kd: a blog” id=”start”>
<p align=”center”><i>recently:</i><br/>◊<br />
<MTEntries lastn=”3″>
<a href=”#<$MTEntryID$>”><$MTEntryTitle$></a><br />◊<br />
</p> </card>

<MTEntries lastn=”3″>
<card title=”<$MTEntryTitle$>” id=”<$MTEntryID$>”>
<p align=”center”><$MTEntryBody$><br /> – – -<br /><$MTEntryMore$><br />posted <$MTEntryDate format=”%m�%d�%y”$> @ <$MTEntryDate format=”%I:%M %p” lower_case=”1″$><br /> – – – <br />
<a href=”#start”>return to entry list</a></p>

note: the separating charachters, are &loz; — the lozenge. a totally cool separator thingy, yes? it’s in the same group as ♥ ♠ ♣, and ♦

i’m editing this to add that and to make happy sounds about how wonderful MT is, how elegantly it lent itself to this purpose. everything up to the part where my phone uses a more frustrating WAP language was just delightful.

12 thoughts on “almost entirely useless geekery

  1. it’s not all that geeky, really. i mean, i am nowhere near getting the stupid thing to work on sprint phones.

    it’s amazing how frustrated a person can get over not being able to do something that’s of no use whatsoever.

  2. i’m having so much fun with this, it just sucks that i can’t make the HDML version work.

    i know i made a site before and it worked on sprint, i did it for chris’s taxi service. that was a good couple years ago, but i used the same example as a starting point for this one. i don’t know why it won’t work.

  3. Hah! I don’t even have a cellphone. The ringer is turned off on my homephone. If it wasn’t for DSL I wouldn’t even have a phone at all. I don’t want anybody to ever be able to get hold of me ever again under any circumstance for the rest of eternity.

    Maybe I can take my cordless phone out and drive around and make like I’m surfing the internet on it, might fool somebody…

  4. I have no idea what just transpired in any of these posts or comments. I am such a prehistoric oddity — Call me Ayla when it comes to computers.

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