at the car wash

before there was exciting web code, there was bookkeeping. i learned this on the job back when it involved large pads of green paper with many columns. i’ll never forget the first time i took a trial balance and it actually balanced, this was deeply thrilling. over the ten years that that was my primary career, i never lost that thrill, though my last position (with a CPA firm) took much of the rest of the joy out of the work. there’s a difference between hands on full charge bookkeeping, and having someone, or 16 someones, present you with records in various states of disarray and you’re tracking your time by the 1/8 hour as your struggle to make sense of it all. plus, that place was the antithesis of what i consider a sustainable work environment. you couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting a dozen pretentious, success-dressed up and coming yuppies, casting around looking for that fast track to partner or whatever. politics thick in the air, suffocating, really, and as if that wasn’t bad enough they were really anal about that whole, arriving at a specific, predetermined hour in the morning every day. every day!

i could have blended in better trying to infiltrate an alien civilization.

after that, i explored a number of career paths, from secretarying, to job developing, to … well, remind me someday to tell you about the mid-90’s. anyway, when i discovered the internet, i knew this was what i wanted to do.

however this does not prevent me from being entirely delighted to learn that the car wash would like to hire me as a part-time bookkeeper, which takes almost all of the pressure out of the freelancing without in any way interfering with it. and it fits in with my delicate flower sensibilities, which dictate that i not try to fit in where there are dress codes, politics, specific work hours, or pretentious yuppies.

also, i’m sleeping with the manager, which helps.

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  1. that place was the antithesis of what i consider a sustainable work environment. you couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting a dozen pretentious, success-dressed up and coming yuppies, casting around looking for that fast track to partner or whatever. politics thick in the air, suffocating, really

    Are you describing your old job, or my current one? 😉

  2. being the office supply aficionado that i am, i just adored that lined paper. and i had a spiffy mechanical pencil that wrote so nice. and then running tapes on a 10-key, there was a feel to that, a rhythm.

    back in those days, you got your hands into your work.

    the cool part is these car wash folks are seriously behind the times, technology wise. so i’ll get to play with the old fashioned stuff, and also bring them into this century, another thing i’m really good at.

    it’s what i did at that first bookkeeping job — the estimator brought in his TRS80 Model III (2 floppys, no HD, 64K of memory) and i decided it would be good to do the books on that, so i got them to buy some accounting software, and converted them over.

    so not only did i learn how to do all that, i also became extremely proficient at playing the moon landing game. i could set that thing down on the moon surface like a feather.

    definitely good old days.

  3. Paper???? Que? I seem to have heard of that somewhere in ancient history class. LOL, we even turn in our term papers by computer at school. Most teachers won’t allow paper ummmmmm papers!

    Now, on the the sleeping with the boss………………my dad (Allen) married my mom (Suzy) when they worked at a children’s home raising 9 boys from age 5 to 11. Suzy was the boss of the house, and Allen was the assistant. They constantly joke about Allen convincing Suzy to hire him, just so he could date her. And to top it off, she HATED him for the first 6 months! hehehehe, I love ummmmmm love stories. I seem to be full of double words today. Oh well, lets MOVE THAT DRESSER.

  4. Okay KD………….why do I get caught on your site every time I post a comment? When I don’t post a comment I can back out of your site back to mine with my blogroll just fine. But when I post a comment, I get stuck. No backing out will do it. I just keep getting your site. Not that I don’t love you or anything, but I would seriously like to MOVE ON sometimes without having to reload my site! Just a questions to ponder.

  5. Zander, see the previous post: the geekstress has you caught in an endless programming loop.

    I call it the Tao of the Surreally Triad…

  6. It’s a trap, Zander. She’s trying to catch you. 😉

    kd, I’m so happy for you! 🙂 That should take off some of the more serious pressure. *happy dance*

  7. I used to be a full charge bookkeeper. I loved it! Working with both those big green tablets and accounting software too. Don’t ya just love it when the boss finds a ‘real bargain’ and buys calculator rolls that won’t fit any piece of equipment in the office? That happened to me and funny thing, I still have them. Thought I could someday use them for scratch paper since they weren’t good for anything else. I also have a fistful of mechanical pencils from those days, still use them daily.

  8. the comment subscribe script breaks the back button, because if you back up one from the entry page, it would take you back into the “processing” page, and the comment would re-post.

    if you click the down arrow next to the back button, you will get a dropdown of the previous pages, and you can navigate back to your site that way.

    it’s such a useful script, it’s really worth the little quirky things.

  9. My car needs to be washed. I wish I could take a week off from work and drive to California to have it washed. If we show up can we demand to see the bookkeeper?

    Delicate flower sensibilities? Awwwww…

  10. Actually, if Bush really is a reptilian shapeshifter you and the rest of us already are living in an alien world. Not that I believe that or anything.

    Sleeping with the manager sounds so kinky – until I realize that it’s not occuring at the office in daylight or anything. Sorry, my frisky thoughts ran away with me there… Did I say that? No no, not me…

    And damn, now that I read the comments I’m having a sudden need to buy office supplies… You really can’t have enough pens…. Or cute little notepads…

  11. ahh, there we go. it would help if i’d put the thing on my same server, but i’m a little disorganized. i’ll be getting in there shortly.

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