at this hour

hello, four fucking oclock in the maudeforsaken morning, howthehell areya? fine, fine i see. and that sounded a lot fussier than i feel, i’m more whimsical than any other one thing. the evening’s geek session was particularly epic, and the aftermath is just antsy. and speaking of bugs, the moth i pulverized against the screen with a cigarette box earlier is really getting in the way. you know, at first i was concerned that there were no identifiable mothparts left over after, thought perhaps they’d fallen where i might touch them, but now i see that the smear is all there is. when i commit insecticide, i don’t mess around. well, ok, mess, but … oh, there we go, it’s after four now.

doesn’t help that i’m the sort of person that has several cardboard boxes in my living room, generally, (as opposed to the sort who puts things away and breaks down the box and places it neatly in the recycle bin) – because cats are nocturnal. but so am i, so we’re fine. you know, i do not like that song sail on sail on sailor, yet the chorus is playing in my head. perusing the lyrics, i ought to like it more than i do, but i don’t.

do you know that i have chat rooms now? several. there is one that calls itself entropy chat, and while the name appeals, it appears to be one of those reloady things. there is a java chat, which looks promising, also, i have that phpmychat, but, java is ever so much the better chat platform, isn’t it?

i made a page with the chat links, a whole page, just the two links.

i really didn’t have much to say, if anything, anything at all, however i do feel less lonely.

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  1. well considering how much of it i personally screwed up so that such epicness was required to fix it, i … well, it’s just not the same epic as, say, someone who hadn’t broken everything themselves in order to look epic fixing it.

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