but let me tell ya it’s better than diggin’ a ditch

so my first day involved detailed auditing of the previous day’s sales, due to the fact the cashier was caught on tape yesterday and hauled off in handcuffs this morning when she came in for work. i have some backstory on her, but it’s really too depressing to get into, suffice to say that i would consider her crimes as coming from desperation rather than greed, and i hope that somewhere in the system she finds the strength to get away from the source of that desperation in her life. which i would guess is the father of her unborn kid, who is by all accounts a junkie. pretty sure she herself was off the stuff, but, … oh, i wasn’t going to get into this was i? she was a friend of my daughter’s, before she totally went off into hard-drugland. she helped me move one time. anyway.

it’s interesting working where chris works, it feels quite comfy right from the start, knowing all i already know. and the boss guy is just really nice. and the office is cool, i have a few pictures, then i have some of kurtwood’s that i found on the camera to go upload, and then i have to post a script on surreally.org, and i have had one hell of a great day.

and i want to thank everybody one more time, and let you know the difference you made means i get to keep my car. the day started with a phonecall to say that my deferment was approved, which still left a lot of things uncertain, that is, until you all got together and made a miracle.


17 thoughts on “but let me tell ya it’s better than diggin’ a ditch

  1. Ok, I haven’t clicked on the pics yet. I’m so glad I read this, krix–yet again, I owe you bigtime. Snakes make me faint.

    I’m just going to echo krix. why? why?

  2. Hmm… to help with the kids?

    Oh, look! Snakes! Wow… Maybe they’ll feed ’em while we’re here! (Dad)


    If you don’t behave, they’ll let the snakes out! (Mom)


    Betcha’ they’re not real… (the jerk eleven year old).

    <staring> (the five year old)

    cue the song, kd!

  3. the snakes are in the upstairs office, which is so not a part of the rest of the world — i mean, it’s not exactly legal to smoke inside buildings in california. but, up in the owner’s lair, there is smoking.

    and there are snakes. and the snakes are way cool.

  4. bob is a very large albino python, he’s a mellow guy, and he’s going to get a bigger cage soon, ’cause he’s a very, very large mellow guy.

    i’m a big girl, and bob is bigger around than the fat part of my arms.

    i’ll try to make bob-feeding among my work duties, so i can get better pictures of this magnificent reptile. besides i’m good at feeding snakes, i’ve raised my share. the hardest part is stunning the rodents, but it makes it so the prey never knew what hit them, which is way more pleasant than what happens out there in nature. plus it protects the snake. trust me you do not want a snake with an infected bite from one of its dinners.

    i totally dig snakes, they just rock.

  5. I like snakes, but there was one that made me worried. My brother is proctor of a scholarship hall and one of his residents had several snakes in his room. It was kind-of against the rules but they weren’t very big, about 14 inches. He let them stay even though there were rumors of a 14 foot snake there. “Exaggerations!”, thought my brother.

    Then one day my brother goes back into the room where the guys slept and inside was a wood and fiberglass cage about the size of a couch. In it was a HUGE snake (python or boa,I don’t remember) that was bigger around than my thigh and had a head that was almost big enough to swallow mine! They were sleeping in the same room with it! ACK!

    Needless to say, it had to go and they hauled the 14 foot, several hundred pound reptile away.

    True story. I saw the thing before they moved it. They fed it rabbits, I think.

  6. basically, stacey, yes, a good hard whack. the alternative is getting squeezed to death, which is much worse. and the fact of life is, snakes eat small furry critters. it’s just how snakes are.

  7. snakes are very cool. use to teach science at a day camp and we had this beautiful python that we would introduce to people. He was amazingly docile, would allow people to pet him and had no problems with being handled.

    Just want to re-iterate how happy I am that things are going well KD, that you get to keep your car and that you are happy!

  8. Snakes???? Sorry honey, I’m no animal lover in that department. I hate them all, venomous or not!

    Sorry that the cashier ended up in cuffs though, circumstances can result in people getting desperate from time to time. Hard world we live in today.

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