cars and snakes and sudden dsl urges

so in the course of accompanying the boss to the mechanic’s to help him pick up his car (lincoln mark Viii. daaaaamn.), i visited the buick. i was able to have a look at the harmonic rubbermetal dealythingy, and man oh man, talk about one unharmonious piece of car. i’m sure it was upsetting the balance of many things, and it might even be the reason that the last tuneup didn’t result in the car seeming tuned. so, um, i am such a … you know, the sort of person that would be so impressed by the lincolnness of the mark Viii that i actually took its picture. i’m not sure what that says about me, but anyway.

the job is fun. the duties are very varied. the boss is cool, and for some reason, after three days of having me around, it suddenly occurred to him that he needs DSL. i did not mention it, not even in passing; but it’s possible that my very presence suggested to him that there should be internet access in the office. sure, it could be just a coincedence, but we can’t rule out the whole bandwidth vibe i give off, it’s doubtless quite powerful. and i’m not sure what having such a thought says about me.

i also got a better picture of bob, who is recovering from an encounter with his light and looking mighty cloudy-eyed and in need of a good shed, but still all in all one impressive reptile. it may be that the sudden python-mentioning here is some sort of attention-getting device, or at least an attempt at one. i’m ok with that, really.

and this is me babbling about my day, and pretty pointlessly i might add, and yet i am posting it anyway. (the pictures, which will follow, will be the digital imaging equivalent of babbling). there are no statements being made here, except whatever these things i’ve babbled about say about me, and i’m not sure what that is.

11 thoughts on “cars and snakes and sudden dsl urges

  1. Me too, ROFLMAO @ “the whole bandwidth vibe I give off”

    You are too funny!!!

    So are you saying that you will be able to entertain us from work? 😉

    It’s good to have varied duties. Those are the best. It’s no fun doing the same thing all the time.

  2. They don’t need it. …it’s just that The MT Queen’s presence there demands it.

    It’s a vibe thing. Very Californian…


  3. everyone needs dsl. car washers, dog washers, even dogs need dsl. escaped mental patients and aspiring taxidermists and exiled royals and beekeepers and percussionists, anyone that thinks things and/or does stuff, needs dsl. the people who love cheese, and the people who hate them, and the people who are so beyond the whole cheese thing, all of them, every single one, needs dsl.

  4. yeah, but the cheese thing could go on and on, you need dsl now. see, the cheese lovers, they need more roughage and it’s giving them such an attitude, and the cheese lover haters need to try a nice triple cream brie on pepper crackers with some good wine, and the people who are claiming to be beyond the cheese thing, are not being entirely honest.

    behold the power of dsl. hell with the cheese people.

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