getting dedicated server. today. going to be moving stuff, soon. won’t be too painful, not like the other server moves, we’ll be with a new hosting provider, so basically the sites will exist in both places and the DNS will change, the only possible problem is during that time, whatever gets posted on the old place won’t show up on the new place.

doing redirects by IP will fix that, more on that later, on the portal.

dan if you’re reading this could you send out a notify on the portal that this is in the works? i’ll have more details later but gotta run, late, busy, crazy, eeeeeeeee.

7 thoughts on “dedication

  1. that so looked like sadjfio 23qqqc dduxnxva as90fysc to me.

    I stand in awe of those of you who know what the hell you’re doing with computers.

    kd, I can’t get any of your skins to work. is it just me?

  2. some people can’t work the skins, it’s just a browser thing, they never work on macs and on different versions of IE there have been problems.

    NS7 seems to consistently recognize them.

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