dsl stress

i’m not too enthused about my new DSL provider. got an email yesterday asking, what color is your old modem. what color? got email today with info on how to configure computer or computers. it says something about congratulations on your new modem. my what? i email back and ask, will the old one work? answer: she doesn’t know but she’s emailed tech support and they know more than she does. well i certainly friggin’ hope so.

so DSL on thursday is now dependent on if my old telocity gateway works, otherwise they’ll have to get me a new one. oh goody.

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  1. “I’m sorry; our line only works with the green modems; if yours is gray, it will have to be replaced. Oh! We’ve got a special on through January 31 on the green ones, only $49.95; after that, the price goes up to $199.95. Shall I upgrade you now?”

  2. no, no, a modem comes with the package, that’s why i’m a little pissy — because it’s not fair that just because i have one that may (or may not) work, that i have to wait to see if it does before i get the one that i would have gotten if i didn’t have one that might not work.

    you know?

  3. Geez … Gilda was right. It’s always something.

    My hunch is that the assinine question about what color your modem is has to do with the level of hardware illiteracy they are used to dealing with. They don’t want to ask, “Do you have the DX4890 or the TRT720?” because the average joe will respond to the question with a “Huh?”

    From the sounds of it, their customer support staff would react in much the same way.

    Not that any of tihs is designed to make you feel any better … it’s no fun having to deal with people who assume that you’re a moron.

  4. The red one, Neo. I mean, kd…

    ….and no blue modems allowed! Blue Hawaiians, sure: after three or four you won’t care what color it is; but it’s the principle.

    Hey, whaddaya call a Smurf on a Smurfboard off the Big Island?

    Nevermind, I’ll go blog quietly…

    (the same thing you call a Linkmeister in the snow…)

  5. If someone had asked me that question, I would have been likely to say “I don’t know what colour it originally was, but I painted it white with blue polka dots to match my stationary.” See what they have to say to THAT. 😀

  6. kd,

    FWIW, when I went broadband several months ago I opted for Time Warner’s cable road runner service. They were running a “self install” special wherebye their tech guy would come and plug a cable modem into my wall outlet, make sure it was live, then turn around and leave. Hooking it up to my ‘puter and getting it running was all up to me – which was just as I wanted it.

    Running Debian exclusively here in San Antonio, I never even looked at any of the software they left me or any of the docs. All I wanted was my account user name and assigned password, and a live line, of course. (And, of course, I never waste time calling tech support – ever, for anything.)

    Running a hot line from the cable modem to an ethernet port on my box, I had access right away. And all has been running smoothly since. (A buddy of mine running Red Hat 7.2 in North Carolina signed up with road runner there and has had a happy experience just like mine.)

    Of course, ymmv.

    good luck,

  7. ..but ..but. define grey. Light grey, medium grey, dark grey? I sure hope your colors are not faded from the original. It just might not work. I feel for you.

  8. gah! Now that is just silly I had no idea that the color of the modem indicated which one you were using…

    …please hold while we attempt to contact our local tech crew. No really we know what we are doing. see this is a mouse, points to keyboard and that is a modem points to diskdrive…

    hang in there KD, the dsl will get sorted soon I hope.

  9. What if you have an internal DSL modem? Then you can’t really name what color it is. My internal modem/ethernet card is green, blue, red, orange, black, silver…

  10. Our super-frikkin-hi-speed-Internet access provider is the same as our landline. Twice now they have cut us off with no warning and the only way to get back in touch has been to phone with a mobile and sit through hold-music hell for an hour or so before chewing them out for getting the billing wrong again.

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