6 thoughts on “Faith & the Lomo

  1. i am figuring that my new freelance web design business will seriously need a lomo. what better way to get seriously colorful images to inspire me? and you know, businesses can expense depreciation, even on items that are timeless classics the second you buy them.

    so you see, it’s not a want — it’s a very pracitical necessity.

  2. I’m going to be incredibly uncool and ask you what a lomo is… I’m about to click the link and I’ll prolly find out then? Maybe?

  3. Okay, I was as baffled as skits. I saw the link at Stacey’s site quite some time ago, but couldn’t figure it out. This time I dug around the joint a bit more, and LIGHT DAWNS OVER MARBLE HEAD. It’s the coolest camera in the universe, and I am so bummed to not have a disposable 188,00 USD!

  4. Cool Lomos Faith! Right on.

    Anybody who wants to buy a Lomo, if you dig around you can find people overseas who will get you a Lomo for waaaayyyy less than the Lomographic Society sells them for. Lomos sell for about $50.00 USD in some places, I got mine for $80.00 from a dude in England who just went ’round the corner to a corner shop and got one and sent it to me while netting himself a profit, but you have to trust that the person won’t rip you off. A person could also probably find them at a European camera shop online. Also, E-Bay is a good bet.

    The Lomo Society has sole marketing rights in the USA, and jacks the price way up to quadruple what Lomos were selling for in Europe up until the recent Lomo craze/marketing hype.

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