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in response to the overwhelming amount of support offered in the comments on the last post, i’d like to point you all at purplemoose‘s comment. this is something that i believe is best done within one’s own community — it wouldn’t be fair to collect from all over the country and donate locally in ventura.

you can contact local shelters, recovery homes, mental health organizations, and find out what they need, and arrange something on your own or with some neighbors, to get a donation together and deliver it. it doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, you know, the little things count. and that personal touch that moosie mentioned — that’s the best part.

when i worked for a dual diagnosis program here in town, an eight resident place, once a chiropractor came and gave everyone an adjustment. that was simply wonderful, a real hands-on act of generosity. the same agency that ran that home, has a day treatment center that has benefitted greatly from people donating their old but still running computers. there are so many ways to help.

the important part, i think, is that the spirit of generosity tends to peak during the winter holidays. come january, it’s really important not to forget that the needs are still there.

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  1. I already did this on a larger amount last year with a shelter in Kansas City. See my post followup about charities. But seriously KD, if you want to do this there, I would trust you to do the right thing with the money. There really aren’t many other people I would trust wouldn’t just spend it on themselves…………so if you want to do it……………I probably have at least $50, maybe $100 by next week to let you have. Let me know.

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