happy belated new year!

so from last night up till just a little while ago, we had an unexpected houseguest, and … it was a little crazy, not a lot crazy, but somewhat crazy — basically she just didn’t feel like going home, as her hubby was being a real jerk. a little bit of drama here and there and otherwise no harm done.

my goodness, i haven’t checked my email in so long and i’m so tired.

sigh. real life interfering with blogging.

also — if anyone has seen my phone, please let me know. i suspect the battery’s died because i call it and call it and i hear nothing. i’ve looked everywhere.

17 thoughts on “happy belated new year!

  1. i am the worst at losing our phone- and it just so happens to be the only one we have plugged in anywhere right now. i have left it everywhere (including outside), but nothing was as bad as the time i found it in the freezer. yes, it was frozen. hope you find yours soon!

  2. i did check the freezer. i do tend to put odd things in the freezer. but no.

    i’m clinging to the hope that i left it at work in my hurry to get out of there tuesday afternoon.

  3. bathroom? kitchen? under the bed? on top of a bookcase? in the closet? under a stack of papers? garbage bin? those are some of the places I’ve left our phone. maybe it’s in one of those?

    hope you find it!

  4. i … i left it … at work. i never leave my phone at work. but i guess i got all worked up over getting to go home an hour earlier, and in the excitement …

    forgot my phone? that’s so un-me. if i am on my way somewhere and realize i have forgotten it? i go back. no question about it.

    i was so happy to see that phone this morning.

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