he’s back

clippit, or clippy, whatever his cutie little name is, is back. now i know for a fact that i haven’t been mucking about in the settings for outlook, i don’t do that. no need. so i’m figuring that my lil’ buddy sensed me, needing his cheerful little smile, his jaunty little eyebrows, those flirtatious eyes. i could just sit here for minutes on end, making faces with my little paperclip friend.

i’m not sure why i made him go away in the first place — probably some concern about seeming cool. but you know what? screw cool. i love my little paperclip guy, and i have no shame about it. none.

30 thoughts on “he’s back

  1. I absolutley hate clippit! Like Linkmeister stated, the “help” offered is soooo not helpful. For once, I’d like clippit to pop on and say something like:

    “Looks like you are trying to share your .pst files between two computers. Would you like to know how?”

  2. i don’t use him for the help — i just like the company. and he’s cute. so cute. he makes the little faces! ooh! cutie pie.

  3. incidentally, astone, the clippy stuff rocks. say what you want about the little dude, he does inspire mass creativity.

    plus he’s cute.

  4. like the little ppaerclip guy. Usually he tends to sit there quietly so he is not much of a bother. Aside I think I ignore him when he suggests things, so I guess for me he’s just the cute thing in the corner.

  5. i’m all for nothing kind of conversation, but geez… are there really 21 comments before mine about CLIPIT?

    i know, it’s the weather.

  6. You may like the paperclip dude, but what about that robot thing, or the Albert Einstein thing?

    I don’t know how many disguises the clipdork has, but I agree with J. Brotherlove that he needs to come up with some REAL helpful hints for people who know their way around Office a little bit.

  7. It’s just that he always overstated the obvious; “it looks like you’re typing a letter; would you like help?” Well, no kidding; I’ve typed the name, address, and salutation. What more help do I need? Twit! (clippy, not you, kd!)

  8. mine is set not to be that intrusive. he just sits there and makes quiet googly-eyes at me while i read my email and stuff. i’ll glance over at him and grin, and he’ll waggle his lil’ eyebrows at me, oh, he’s so cute.

  9. i like the puppy too, but clippy, he’s so … well, i have a thing for office supplies, always have. mmm. office supplies.

  10. I hate that stupid clip. The alternatives arent all that great either. If any person smacks down as much money as Office or any of its components costs, I’d hope that they know the basics of word processing, spreadsheets, etc that clippit shows up for.

  11. Everytime that Outlook crashes, Clippy comes back. It’s the weirdest thing. I swear, I once re-ran the Office install and specified NOT to install Clippy. Boom, Office crashed, and the uninstalled Clippy was there making mean faces at me.

  12. somebody may have already linked to it somewhere above, i’m too lazy to check–but did you ever see the spoof where a person is typing a Word doc that goes “The pain is too great; I have decided to end it all. Farewell, loved ones; I’m sorry to hurt you like this, but I just cannot go on living, etc.” and then Clippity pops up and goes “It looks like you’re writing a letter! Do you need any help?”

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