i’m still alive

i’m just not well. but that’s ok. really.

i have many millions of server move thingys to do and i’m about to go lay down again, but at least i’ve gotten this lurking email pile looked at, if not responded to. that was really weighing on me as i lay there trying to snooze and stuff.

on the bright side, our cable underwent some massive re-channeling and i now have many more channels on basic including cartoon network. that may have been a factor in the adhesive qualities of the couch. and now, more scooby doo!

6 thoughts on “i’m still alive

  1. would that be a sporting event of sorts? i’m on more of a cartoon kick this weekend. but the foster’s, it does seem like time for that.

  2. Rest rest rest.
    Then some tv.
    Then more rest rest rest.
    Consider it a prescription. Everything else can wait.
    Besides, Scooby will make you well!
    Unless Scrappy’s on. Do NOT watch Scrappy – it will make you feel much worse. (From one who knows!)

  3. and we’ve settled into the classic toons phase of sunday night, there is nothing more soothing and healing than the classics. and they have some serious cartoon historians at work on the lineup, which is cool.

    i’ll be feeling better any minute right?

  4. I was starting to wonder if work sucked you into accounting he11 or something!
    Glad you are still with us, but I am sorry you aren’t feeling well 🙁
    Take it easy!

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