in celebration

i feel better than i have in a long time, and … i’ve been drinking. not only that but i’m a bit out of practice, being that i was being as conservative as i could manage to be, and tonight being the night after the first day of one new job and … other excuses, well, i have beer.

and i rarely get to the must-have-my-mp3s stage after like four beers, but here i am. i love my mp3 collection, it’s small (only a quarter gig) but it’s mighty. i made a selection of the things i was in the mood for, which is now randomly playing. i’m going to post the list in more, please don’t make fun of me.

this is really almost a cross section of my taste in music. it’s not refined taste, it’s … all i can say is it’s all heartfelt, or gutfelt maybe. uneven is another thing it is. and i’m posting this because … why? um.

r.e.m. – try not to breathe
toad the wet sprocket – crazy life
rufus wainwright – hallelujah
toto – africa
pure prairie league – amie
tonic – open up your eyes
simon and garfunkle – america
tool – sober
yes – lift me up
yes – the calling (rare extended version)
yes – america
pink floyd – learning to fly
pearl jam – alive
nirvana – heart shaped box
pink floyd – on the turning away
blue oyster cult – perfect water
neil young – after the goldrush
nirvana – all apologies
kristen hersh – your ghost
the refreshments – bandidos
rush – time stand still
pinching judy – land on me
jonathan raffetto band – remember me
incubus – drive
pink floyd – wish you were here (atmosfear version)

15 thoughts on “in celebration

  1. and at this point i’ve got kristin hersh on repeat and am dangerously near to calling people who don’t like me anymore, and trying to make things work.

    and i was doing so well.

  2. When I got the combination turntable/cd player I went browsing through my vinyl collection; I learned I was an even bigger Neil Young fan than I thought. I think I have about eight of his albums, including After the Gold Rush. Hmm. Must go put that on.

  3. i do take requests if anyone has a hankering for an MP3. just ask, i love to share this music, it’s … life-giving.

  4. Is it your fault I stayed home from work yesterday and played Nirvana really loud all day? Was I channeling you somehow? This is particularly ironic because I just picked up my voicemail and the dean called yesterday to inquire about why i was assigning my students a book about kurt cobain. My answer, “Because I can.” Needs some refinement before I call her back.

  5. oh wow. you got “your ghost” from me. i remember you saying you liked it. i’m so happy that you like it *that* much. *hug!*

  6. the comment above was not finished.

    anyway….i love that!

    i get in those moods too. of course i have had to burn 4 cd’s of mp3’s to make space on my *gasp* 10G’s of space. i have a gig now that i need to put on cd too, so i can refill it up again!

  7. Ohhhh…… “Your Ghost”….. that song is just sooooooo *drifts off into deep thought and rememberance*
    I love it, in fact, I’m gonna go play it now.

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