into the great wide open

tomorrow i start part-time job #2. i have purchased clothing, which i hope to be suitable, and will have to — get this — shave my legs. yes, that’s correct. i’m wearing … pantyhose tomorrow. well, clients are coming. so yeah, i’m … this is all so strange. i’m going to be wearing a charcoal grey skirt, rather long, a taupe sweater-top, grey hose, and sensible shoes (black). i’ll be getting in my grey buick, and commuting. to, er, westlake. westlake village. (you have to be from here to understand what i mean, it’s a … fashionable enclave or somesuch, ok?) um. i. um. i’m not a yuppie, ok? i’m still a total rebel, without a clue even (i heard that song today, it made me happy). really. hey, those stretchy khaki pants i bought today? have kind of goldish shinyness to them. that’s right, shiny pants. that’s kinda different, right?

24 thoughts on “into the great wide open

  1. Good luck on monday kd 🙂
    I think that is one of the positive sides of cold weather long pants, thick stockings, long ankle length skrts, which means no shaving required. Much safer that way.

    Goldish shine can look good. I’m pretty sure they look great.
    feel better soon. ‘k!

    sending ya feel better thoughts.

  2. so, that blogideas thingy, up a few commets — would you call that comment spam? or just, kind of a rude thing? or is it something that is in good humor or something? my ear hurts so i’m inclined towards pissyness, so i’m not forming any strict opinions, but i do think that would qualify as comment spam.

    it’s time for my nap now.

  3. better watch out, kd – coordinating your clothing colors to your car is the first step. after this, it’s only a short slide downward to a thin hairband and a vera bradley purse.

  4. Ummm… Billboard advertising at the least. Doesn’t Ventura have “sign ordinance” in place? Maybe you could grandfather your site in under it.

  5. good luck with the new job.

    me, i wear tights. no shaving necessary!

    and it was spam, definitely spam. jason obviously hasn’t been here before.

  6. You found more stretchy pants! YAY! Does this mean you’re returning those other ones to your daughter? Or should we just keep this to ourselves and you get to keep both pairs? My lips are zipped ….

  7. the stretchy pants from the daughter are actually too small now, it was a bad year that way.

    and, well, i’m not starting till monday due to i called in to explain that i was running late because i’m really sick (have i mentioned i’m sick as a dog? i am) so they said monday would be better anyway.

    so i’ll just go to my other job, it’s just hard to go far when you’re sick. going down the street hardly feels like going to work at all. but i am wearing the shiny pants (due to not having time to shave my legs cause i overslept cause i was too sick to care what time it was).

    this comment is going to have to serve as a post, i have to go now …

  8. Awesome. Good luck on monday, then.
    If I ever manage to make it to a So Cal blogmeet, I’m going to bring you a bunch of clothes.

  9. KD…you are very brave! I have not varied from my all black uniform for some time. I’m not even sure how to wear a skirt anymore! (But I do still shave my legs!!) Good luck on the new job!!!!!

  10. awe- how sweet of bobby…i was just thinking the same thing and stopped by to say so!

    i hope you are feeling better. i assume since you haven’t blogged your not so here are some really good thoughts sent your way for nothing but good health and happy days!

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