just a little sick

ear clogged, sinuses, headache, wheezy, lots of whining. otherwise ok.

my son is producing dinner theatre. he’s got the stage set up and the chairs (even one that “my big butt” will fit in) and the only thing left on his list (he does have an actual list) is costumes. oh, and i think he needs to have something to perform, pretty sure that’s the point where things kind of stalled last night.

i’m sure i’ll feel better when all those aspirins kick in.

9 thoughts on “just a little sick

  1. god, i love your fading links. and everything here, really! i tried to do the fading links once, bothered this one person about five times, then gave up. aw

  2. it’s just a matter of putting fade.js on the server and referencing it in the header, maybe i’ll do that feature next on surreally.org, as soon as i finish helping people with the random links thing.

  3. i send you a hot toddy to help with the ‘ear clogged, sinuses, headache, wheezy,’ feeling.

    until bobby pointed it out I hadn’t realized the links faded. COOL!

    pikachu diner theatre, has potential 🙂

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