life is just really weird

so the phone rings. and it’s the owner of this marketing company i’ve done some coding for before, and i’ve always loved collaborating with the graphics guy there. we make cool websites together. we always made noises about wishing we could work together, but they never had the work to hire me. when the phone rang, i thought it was him, but it was the boss lady. and she was offering me a job. part time to start working into full time.

it’s a good thing i was sitting down. i’m such a spazz, i started babbling about my car (this job is about 26 miles from here, and there is a large and intimidating hill to get up). then i got a grip and muttered something about working that out, no matter how farfetched that concept is. sometime monday (which i picked so chris could drive me if necessary while whatever is happening to get my car going, i have only vague optimistic thoughts about how that might happen, and this frightens me).

friday i was going to be a freelancer. and now i have potentially two jobs, both part time, both of them telling me i can have whatever schedule i want, both doing things i’m fairly good at. i’m a little taken aback by this, and that’s only if ‘aback’ means ‘completely fucking freaked out’.

this is the coolest little company, a small shop with talented people doing really wonderful work. unlike my last job, they are totally committed to developing the web side of the business. the only thing between me and a very bright future is 26 miles and a big hill, and a buick with a deathrattle.

i’m not sure what to do next, probably beer. yeah.

36 thoughts on “life is just really weird

  1. the universe gives you only what it thinks you can handle and sometimes it gives you what it thinks you deserve.

    And besides that, you have created the space where opportunities can be taken and opportunities you can excel in.

    Do it, fluid, kd. And then keep rocking the boat.

    Cuz you already rock the casbah.

  2. that previous comment may or may not make sense…don’t mind me, I get a little new agey when I’m eating food from Falafel Roxy.

  3. Right on! Things are working out, and that’s good. Hope you get the car thing figured out quickly and cheaply. There’s still an Oldsmobile here waiting if you want it, and if we can figure out how to get it from here to there.

  4. … and i still have my clients. which is all good, all this all together adds up to the same time i spent at my old job but a much better income.

    i will need clothes to work at the agency. nothing fancy, but you know, khakis and related things. business casual. i have no clothes.

    ok, so these are all things i can figure out right? how to do several things that are way beyond my means, in order that my means may have the chance to improve significantly.

    this line of thinking is no line, it’s all spinny and stuff.

  5. the whole time i read your post, i was picturing the story of: the little engine that could….

    i know you’ll make it “up that hill” no matter what you need to do!

  6. as much as it seems like this is all so good, there is still a minor miracle between me and this all working out. not that i doubt that miraculous things happen, it’s just an awful lot to hope for at one time.

    it’s a big hill to get up. and commuting up it is only practical for those with really strong, healthy cars.

  7. Yay!
    This is such very very good news – I love it when there are happy endings!
    Except this is even better – it’s a happy beginning! And how perfect after all the stress you’d been through!
    Queso dip and chips for everyone!

  8. Hmmmn. So we all need to send you transportation assistance. Hot air balloons, hang gliders, match box cars, I don’t know because I certainly can’t afford to buy you another buick. But dammit we need to all figure this out!! You can’t be this close to fabulousness and not have it work, you just can’t!

    I’m truly delighted for you.

  9. YEAH!! This is such good news and fills me with joy! I am so happy for you. Also means you must go to the next meetup to celebrate and let us buy you a drink!

  10. there are still big old IFs about the car, so i’m remaining cautiously optimistic. in fact i’ve just written a longass post about my car, which i may not switch over to publish, it’s just that long and whiny.

    suffice to say that we’re not home and dry yet. we cannot even be said to be home and vigorously toweling ourselves off.

  11. Did I congratulate you? I meant to congratulate you. I suppose I could scroll through your comments and see if I’ve already congratulated you. But I’m too lazy. And tired. So I’ll just congratulate you again.


    There it is. Did you see it?

  12. See! Here I go getting all karma-ey on you, but things happen for a reason, and we don’t always know the reason when they happen. But later, we look back, and think, wow. Wow! Sounds like a great convergence of events.

    Now I will go chant a few to the Buick demi-gods for you (I had the same sitch with a ’92 Dodge a few years back, so I feel your pain)

  13. i am keeping every finger crossed, as someone who’s car was pronounced dead a month ago and is now purring like a kitten, cruising deserve for every good thing to happen to you, kd!

  14. Re: business clothe: when I was temping, I found all my snazzy office gear at the Salvation Army – good suit jackets, pants, etc, totally cheap.

  15. well, when i was thinner, i used to be able to find good things in the thrift stores, but now that i’m shopping the ‘womens size’ rack, i’m finding not so much of a selection.

    and since thrift stores got trendy, their prices are very similar to ross dress for less’s clearance rack, and there, the stuff is sorted by size.

    i just need some khakis, some simple tops, nothing very terribly fancy. maybe a dress or two.

  16. Congratz KD! that is wonderful, stupendous news. I am sure that car thing will work out. It just has too! I am so very happy for you!
    *big squishy hug*

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