monday the last

doesn’t seem real, really. weird. i don’t want to be here, of course, this is standard protocol for monday, but next monday? probably i’ll wish i was here. i’m terrified that i will have no work.

and i am going to miss my car. i’ve been putting it off and putting it off but it has got to go. i’ve been driving it with the radio off to get the full effect of that rattle, ’cause with the radio loud it’s still my nice car.

my head’s spinning right now. sorry for the whining.

fucking weather.

7 thoughts on “monday the last

  1. Can you hear that? That’s the little voice inside your head whispering “insurance scam”.

    Heavy traffic, a slight tap on the brakes, it could happen…

  2. Don’t worry, kd, every now and then ya just gotta whine.

    If nothing else, that’s how you find out who your real friends are. 🙂

    (posting notes from the frozen north … well, north of NYC and Binghamton, anyway … )

  3. Mondays can be like that. Right now, I’m dog tired and ready to hit the bed. The rest of the work week is yet to come and the energy level is low! Grrr!

  4. ‘whine’ all you want, kd. god knows you’ve listened to us do it more than enough!

    hope the santa ana blows it self out right away! all will be fine…

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