8 thoughts on “monday

  1. Say, I apologize…I have totally spaced on that whole package I was supposed to mail to you. Tomorrow, I will find out how much it will cost to ship it, I promise.

  2. from 10:30 to 5:30, doing payroll, really complicated payroll.

    there is no internet there, not that there would be time for it.

    i’m utterly brain dead.

  3. happy Martin Luther King Jr. day to y’all! almost forgot that. did remember the shower, keep having to remind myself to breathe, and oh! teeth!

  4. Why why why must everything happen at once? Why can’t life space things out nicely? Is there anyone I can talk to about this?

    And my first thought on your poll was Pizza, but that wasn’t an option, and peas aren’t really a substitute, so I had to stop and think for much longer than the question probably meant for me to, huh….

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