more details about the buick than anyone really wants to hear

so i get a call this morning, the mechanic. “i need to talk to somebody about this buick” and from his tone i gathered she had been very naughty. not at all; as it turns out, the reason she had been running like crap for pretty much a year now, was a bad coil. there are three, one for each pair of cylinders.

there is a tremendous amount of difference between a six cylinder engine running on four cylinders, and one using all of them. so not only has harmony been restored, so has power. i’m afraid i get a little silly about cars, very emotional — i’d actually forgotten what the buick was like when i got her. and so it came to pass that as i accelerated down the street with the radio up and the window down, that i was moved to, um, well, scream. wooooooooooooooooo. like that but in a 24pt font, all caps, and bold. believe i startled some pedestrians, which is fine, really.

and two other things that have been sorta wrong over the last really long time or so, were that the brake light would stay on some of the time, and there would be a low groaning when backing up and turning. both were apparently related to the wretched condition of the harmonic rubbermetal dealythingy, because all is now well.

so she’s healthy and frisky, she’s had a bath and and a nice tank of gas, and i’m eyeing the leather lotion and the armorall again, it’s been so long since i took any pleasure in massaging the seats and shining up the dash and the tires. i used to be half-obsessed with that sort of thing, i adored her so back when, and now i do again. yes, i fall in love with automobiles, and yes, i’m fickle, but the fickle is pretty damn mutual, it’s just the nature of these affairs.

12 thoughts on “more details about the buick than anyone really wants to hear

  1. Ah… See, all that incense and Ohmmmm worked out! I mean, I’m pretty sure he used his Ohmmmmmeter to check on that brake light problem (…or maybe it was really a brake lite problem, since it only happened some of the time?).

    …but you might check for any residual peppermint in case he went that route with the incense!

    </60’s flashback>

    Congrats on getting her up and running like a good girl again. I can hear the coast highway calling even from here! Crank up the tunes…

  2. Dan, would that be Strawberry Alarm Clock’s Incense and Peppermints?

    “Incense and peppermints, meaningless nouns
    Turn on, tune in, turn your eyes around”


  3. Pedal to the metal, KD… Yeah, its great when your ride is really hot isn’t it? When you press and her body vibrates and sh lets out a loud purr! Whe you sink back into here soft plushness and she takes you for a ride on the wild side… Anyway, to get back to your car, I’m glad its driving well again.

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